Sergio Manzetti
Sergio Manzetti
Linneus University - Sweden
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Electric vehicle battery technologies: From present state to future systems
S Manzetti, F Mariasiu
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 51, 1004-1012, 2015
Accumulation of perfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) in agricultural plants: A review
R Ghisi, T Vamerali, S Manzetti
Environmental research 169, 326-341, 2019
Wavefunction and reactivity study of benzo [a] pyrene diol epoxide and its enantiomeric forms
T Lu, S Manzetti
Structural chemistry 25, 1521-1533, 2014
Thiamin function, metabolism, uptake, and transport
S Manzetti, J Zhang, D van der Spoel
Biochemistry 53 (5), 821-835, 2014
The environmental release and fate of antibiotics
S Manzetti, R Ghisi
Marine pollution bulletin 79 (1-2), 7-15, 2014
The geometry and electronic structure of Aristolochic acid: possible implications for a frozen resonance
S Manzetti, T Lu
Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry 26 (6), 473-483, 2013
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the environment: environmental fate and transformation
S Manzetti
Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds 33 (4), 311-330, 2013
A review of emission products from bioethanol and its blends with gasoline. Background for new guidelines for emission control
S Manzetti, O Andersen
Fuel 140, 293-301, 2015
Chemical properties, environmental fate, and degradation of seven classes of pollutants
S Manzetti, ER van der Spoel, D van der Spoel
Chemical research in toxicology 27 (5), 713-737, 2014
Mutations in Cytochrome b Resulting in Atovaquone Resistance Are Associated with Loss of Fitness in Plasmodium falciparum
JM Peters, N Chen, M Gatton, M Korsinczky, EV Fowler, S Manzetti, ...
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 46 (8), 2435-2441, 2002
Methods for dispersing carbon nanotubes for nanotechnology applications: liquid nanocrystals, suspensions, polyelectrolytes, colloids and organization control
S Manzetti, JCP Gabriel
International Nano Letters 9 (1), 31-49, 2019
Modeling of enzyme–substrate complexes for the metalloproteases MMP-3, ADAM-9 and ADAM-10
S Manzetti, DR McCulloch, AC Herington, D van der Spoel
Journal of computer-aided molecular design 17, 551-565, 2003
Fullerenes toxicity and electronic properties
M Sergio, H Behzadi, A Otto, D van der Spoel
Environmental chemistry letters 11, 105-118, 2013
Molecular and crystal assembly inside the carbon nanotube: encapsulation and manufacturing approaches
S Manzetti
Advances in Manufacturing 1 (3), 198-210, 2013
Alternant conjugated oligomers with tunable and narrow HOMO–LUMO gaps as sustainable nanowires
S Manzetti, T Lu
RSC advances 3 (48), 25881-25890, 2013
Intriguing properties of unusual silicon nanocrystals
S Manzetti, T Lu, H Behzadi, MD Estrafili, HLT Le, H Vach
RSC advances 5 (95), 78192-78208, 2015
Ecotoxicity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, aromatic amines, and nitroarenes through molecular properties
S Manzetti
Environmental chemistry letters 10 (4), 349-361, 2012
A DFT study of pyrazine derivatives and their Fe complexes in corrosion inhibition process
H Behzadi, P Roonasi, MJ Momeni, S Manzetti, MD Esrafili, IB Obot, ...
Journal of Molecular Structure 1086, 64-72, 2015
A critical view of the environmental condition of the Sognefjord
S Manzetti, JHV Stenersen
Marine pollution bulletin 60 (12), 2167-2174, 2010
Impact of sludge deposition on biodiversity
S Manzetti, D van der Spoel
Ecotoxicology 24, 1799-1814, 2015
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