Zhibin Gao
Zhibin Gao
Xi'an Jiaotong University, NUS, Tongji University (zhibin.gao@xjtu.edu)
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Novel Two-Dimensional Silicon Dioxide with in-plane Negative Poisson's Ratio
Z Gao, X Dong, N Li, J Ren
Nano Letters 17, 772–777, 2018
Unusually low thermal conductivity of atomically thin 2D tellurium
Z Gao, F Tao, J Ren
Nanoscale 10, 12997-13003, 2018
Two-dimensional heterostructure as a platform for surface-enhanced raman scattering
Y Tan, L Ma, Z Gao, M Chen, F Chen
Nano Letters 17, 2621-2626, 2017
High thermoelectric performance in two-dimensional tellurium: An ab initio study
Z Gao, G Liu, J Ren
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10, 40702-40709, 2018
Tunable Properties of Novel Ga2O3 Monolayer for Electronics and Optoelectronics Applications
Y Liao, Z Zhang, Z Gao, Q Qian, M Hua
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12, 30659–30669, 2020
Band degeneracy enhanced thermoelectric performance in layered oxyselenides by first-principles calculations
N Wang, M Li, H Xiao, Z Gao, Z Liu, X Zu, S Li, L Qiao
npj Computational Materials 7, 18, 2021
Thermoelectric Penta-Silicene with a High Room-Temperature Figure of Merit
Z Gao, JS Wang
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12, 14298-14307, 2020
Enhanced Raman Scattering of CuPc Films on Imperfect WSe2 Monolayer Correlated to Exciton and Charge‐Transfer Resonances
Y Liu, Z Gao, M Chen, Y Tan, F Chen
Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1805710, 2018
Enhancement of Out-of-Plane Charge Transport in a Vertically Stacked Two-Dimensional Heterostructure Using Point Defects
Y Liu, Z Gao, Y Tan, F Chen
ACS Nano 12, 10529-10536, 2018
Ultralow lattice thermal conductivity of monolayer penta-silicene and penta-germanene
Z Gao, Z Zhang, G Liu, JS Wang
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21, 26033-26040, 2019
Strain-tunable III-Nitride/ZnO heterostructures for photocatalytic water-splitting: A hybrid functional calculation
Z Zhang, B Huang, Q Qian, Z Gao, X Tang, B Li
APL Materials 8, 041114, 2020
Degenerately Doped Transition Metal Dichalcogenides as Ohmic Homojunction Contacts to Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Semiconductors
Z Gao, Z Zhou, D Tomanek
ACS Nano 13, 5103-5111, 2019
Charge density wave instability and pressure-induced superconductivity in bulk 1T-NbS2
W Wang, B Wang, Z Gao, G Tang, W Lei, X Zheng, H Li, X Ming, C Autieri
Physical Review B 102, 155115, 2020
Potential molecular semiconductor devices: cyclo-Cn (n = 10 and 14) with higher stabilities and aromaticities than acknowledged cyclo-C18
M Li, Z Gao, Y Han, Y Zhao, K Yuan, S Nagase, M Ehara, X Zhao
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22, 4823-4831, 2020
Anisotropic thermal expansion and thermodynamic properties of monolayer β-Te
G Liu#, Z Gao#, J Ren
Physical Review B 99, 195436, 2019
Abnormally low thermal conductivity of 2D selenene: An ab initio study
G Liu, Z Gao, GL Li, H Wang
Journal of Applied Physics 127, 065103, 2020
Ultralow lattice thermal conductivity and electronic properties of monolayer 1T phase semimetal SiTe2 and SnTe2
Y Wang#, Z Gao#, J Zhou
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 108, 53-59, 2019
Highly Anisotropic Thermoelectric Properties of Two-Dimensional As2Te3
Z Gao, T Zhu, K Sun, JS Wang
ACS Applied Electronic Materials 3, 1610-1620, 2021
Extrapolated Defect Transition Level in Two-dimensional Materials: The Case of Charged Native Point Defects in Monolayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride
XF Liu, Z Gao, V Wang, Z Luo, B Lv, Z Ding, Z Zhang
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12, 17055-17061, 2020
Comparative investigation of Thermal transport properties for Janus SnSSe and SnS2 monolayers
G Liu, H Wang, Z Gao, GL Li
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22, 16796-16803, 2020
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