Ulf Söderlund
Ulf Söderlund
Professor of Geology, Department of Geology, Lund University, Sweden
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The 176Lu decay constant determined by Lu–Hf and U–Pb isotope systematics of Precambrian mafic intrusions
U Söderlund, PJ Patchett, JD Vervoort, CE Isachsen
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 219 (3-4), 311-324, 2004
Isotopic composition of Yb and the determination of Lu concentrations and Lu/Hf ratios by isotope dilution using MC‐ICPMS
JD Vervoort, PJ Patchett, U Söderlund, M Baker
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 5 (11), 2004
Timing and tempo of the Great Oxidation Event
AP Gumsley, KR Chamberlain, W Bleeker, U Söderlund, MO De Kock, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (8), 1811-1816, 2017
Long-lived connection between southern Siberia and northern Laurentia in the Proterozoic
RE Ernst, MA Hamilton, U Söderlund, JA Hanes, DP Gladkochub, ...
Nature Geoscience 9 (6), 464-469, 2016
A simple way to extract baddeleyite (ZrO2)
U Söderlund, L Johansson
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 3 (2), 1 of 7-7 of 7, 2002
Large Igneous Provinces and supercontinents: Toward completing the plate tectonic revolution
RE Ernst, W Bleeker, U Söderlund, AC Kerr
Lithos 174, 1-14, 2013
U–Pb baddeleyite ages and Hf, Nd isotope chemistry constraining repeated mafic magmatism in the Fennoscandian Shield from 1.6 to 0.9 Ga
U Söderlund, CE Isachsen, G Bylund, LM Heaman, P Jonathan Patchett, ...
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 150, 174-194, 2005
U–Pb baddeleyite ages, distribution and geochemistry of 925 Ma mafic dykes and 900 Ma sills in the North China craton: evidence for a Neoproterozoic mantle plume
P Peng, W Bleeker, RE Ernst, U Söderlund, V McNicoll
Lithos 127 (1-2), 210-221, 2011
Proterozoic mafic magmatism in Siberian craton: An overview and implications for paleocontinental reconstruction
DP Gladkochub, SA Pisarevsky, TV Donskaya, RE Ernst, MTD Wingate, ...
Precambrian Research 183 (3), 660-668, 2010
The Mesoproterozoic in the Nordic countries
B Bingen, J Andersson, U Söderlund, C Möller
Episodes Journal of International Geoscience 31 (1), 29-34, 2008
Towards a complete magmatic barcode for the Zimbabwe craton: Baddeleyite U–Pb dating of regional dolerite dyke swarms and sill complexes
U Söderlund, A Hofmann, MB Klausen, JR Olsson, RE Ernst, PO Persson
Precambrian Research 183 (3), 388-398, 2010
Lu–Hf and Sm–Nd isotopic systematics in chondrites and their constraints on the Lu–Hf properties of the Earth
PJ Patchett, JD Vervoort, U Söderlund, VJM Salters
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 222 (1), 29-41, 2004
Zircon geochronology in polymetamorphic gneisses in the Sveconorwegian orogen, SW Sweden: ion microprobe evidence for 1.46–1.42 and 0.98–0.96 Ga reworking
U Söderlund, C Möller, J Andersson, L Johansson, M Whitehouse
Precambrian Research 113 (3-4), 193-225, 2002
The ca. 1380 Ma Mashak igneous event of the Southern Urals
VN Puchkov, SV Bogdanova, RE Ernst, VI Kozlov, AA Krasnobaev, ...
Lithos 174, 109-124, 2013
The 1750 Ma magmatic event of the west African craton (Anti-Atlas, Morocco)
N Youbi, D Kouyaté, U Söderlund, RE Ernst, A Soulaimani, A Hafid, ...
Precambrian Research 236, 106-123, 2013
The central Scandinavian dolerite Group—Protracted hotspot activity or back-arc magmatism?: Constraints from U–Pb baddeleyite geochronology and Hf isotopic data
U Söderlund, SÅ Elming, RE Ernst, D Schissel
Precambrian Research 150 (3-4), 136-152, 2006
Protolith ages and timing of deformation in the eastern, marginal part of the Sveconorwegian orogen, southwestern Sweden
U Söderlund, LG Jarl, PO Persson, MB Stephens, CH Wahlgren
Precambrian Research 94 (1-2), 29-48, 1999
U–Pb baddeleyite ages linking major Archean dyke swarms to volcanic-rift forming events in the Kaapvaal craton (South Africa), and a precise age for the Bushveld Complex
JR Olsson, U Söderlund, MB Klausen, RE Ernst
Precambrian Research 183 (3), 490-500, 2010
Palaeomagnetic, geochronological and geochemical study of Mesoproterozoic Lakhna Dykes in the Bastar Craton, India: Implications for the Mesoproterozoic supercontinent
SA Pisarevsky, TK Biswal, XC Wang, B De Waele, R Ernst, U Söderlund, ...
Lithos 174, 125-143, 2013
First precise U–Pb baddeleyite ages of 1500 Ma mafic dykes from the São Francisco Craton, Brazil, and tectonic implications
EM Silveira, U Söderlund, EP Oliveira, RE Ernst, ABM Leal
Lithos 174, 144-156, 2013
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