Francois Gygi
Francois Gygi
Professor of Computer Science, University of California Davis
Потвърден имейл адрес: ucdavis.edu
Reproducibility in density functional theory calculations of solids
K Lejaeghere, G Bihlmayer, T Björkman, P Blaha, S Blügel, V Blum, ...
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Optimization algorithm for the generation of ONCV pseudopotentials
M Schlipf, F Gygi
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Towards an assessment of the accuracy of density functional theory for first principles simulations of water
JC Grossman, E Schwegler, EW Draeger, F Gygi, G Galli
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Water confined in nanotubes and between graphene sheets: A first principle study
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Self-consistent electronic structure of a vortex line in a type-II superconductor
F Gygi, M Schlüter
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Towards an assessment of the accuracy of density functional theory for first principles simulations of water. II
E Schwegler, JC Grossman, F Gygi, G Galli
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Selective dispersion of high purity semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes with regioregular poly (3-alkylthiophene) s
HW Lee, Y Yoon, S Park, JH Oh, S Hong, LS Liyanage, H Wang, ...
Nature communications 2 (1), 541, 2011
Growth of carbon nanotubes on metal nanoparticles: a microscopic mechanism from ab initio molecular dynamics simulations
JY Raty, F Gygi, G Galli
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The solvation of Na+ in water: First-principles simulations
JA White, E Schwegler, G Galli, F Gygi
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Self-consistent Hartree-Fock and screened-exchange calculations in solids: Application to silicon
F Gygi, A Baldereschi
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Self-healing of CdSe nanocrystals: first-principles calculations
A Puzder, AJ Williamson, F Gygi, G Galli
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Crystal structure of carbon dioxide at high pressure:“Superhard” polymeric carbon dioxide
CS Yoo, H Cynn, F Gygi, G Galli, V Iota, M Nicol, S Carlson, ...
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Architecture of Qbox: A scalable first-principles molecular dynamics code
F Gygi
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Real-space adaptive-coordinate electronic-structure calculations
F Gygi, G Galli
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Quasiparticle energies in semiconductors: Self-energy correction to the local-density approximation
F Gygi, A Baldereschi
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Impurity states in doped fullerenes: C59B and C59N
W Andreoni, F Gygi, M Parrinello
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Density functional theory for efficient ab initio molecular dynamics simulations in solution
JL Fattebert, F Gygi
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FC Lightstone, E Schwegler, RQ Hood, F Gygi, G Galli
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Electronic-structure calculations in adaptive coordinates
F Gygi
Physical Review B 48 (16), 11692, 1993
Structural and vibrational properties of liquid water from van der Waals density functionals
C Zhang, J Wu, G Galli, F Gygi
Journal of chemical theory and computation 7 (10), 3054-3061, 2011
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