Sota Fujii
Sota Fujii
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A combinatorial amino acid code for RNA recognition by pentatricopeptide repeat proteins
A Barkan, M Rojas, S Fujii, A Yap, YS Chong, CS Bond, I Small
Public Library of Science 8 (8), e1002910, 2012
The evolution of RNA editing and pentatricopeptide repeat genes
S Fujii, I Small
New Phytologist 191 (1), 37-47, 2011
Selection patterns on restorer-like genes reveal a conflict between nuclear and mitochondrial genomes throughout angiosperm evolution
S Fujii, CS Bond, ID Small
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (4), 1723-1728, 2011
Rampant Gene Loss in the Underground Orchid Rhizanthella gardneri Highlights Evolutionary Constraints on Plastid Genomes
E Delannoy, S Fujii, C Colas des Francs-Small, M Brundrett, I Small
Molecular Biology and Evolution 28 (7), 2077-2086, 2011
Suppressed expression of RETROGRADE-REGULATED MALE STERILITY restores pollen fertility in cytoplasmic male sterile rice plants
S Fujii, K Toriyama
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (23), 9513-9518, 2009
The fertility restorer gene, Rf2, for Lead Rice‐type cytoplasmic male sterility of rice encodes a mitochondrial glycine‐rich protein
E Itabashi, N Iwata, S Fujii, T Kazama, K Toriyama
The plant journal 65 (3), 359-367, 2011
Non-self-and self-recognition models in plant self-incompatibility
S Fujii, K Kubo, S Takayama
Nature Plants 2 (9), 1-9, 2016
Genome barriers between nuclei and mitochondria exemplified by cytoplasmic male sterility
S Fujii, K Toriyama
Plant and Cell Physiology 49 (10), 1484-1494, 2008
OTP70 is a pentatricopeptide repeat protein of the E subgroup involved in splicing of the plastid transcript rpoC1
AL Chateigner‐Boutin, CC des Francs‐Small, E Delannoy, S Kahlau, ...
The Plant Journal 65 (4), 532-542, 2011
Discovery of global genomic re-organization based on comparison of two newly sequenced rice mitochondrial genomes with cytoplasmic male sterility-related genes
S Fujii, T Kazama, M Yamada, K Toriyama
Bmc Genomics 11 (1), 1-15, 2010
Rice MPR25 encodes a pentatricopeptide repeat protein and is essential for RNA editing of nad5 transcripts in mitochondria
T Toda, S Fujii, K Noguchi, T Kazama, K Toriyama
The Plant Journal 72 (3), 450-460, 2012
Calcium signalling mediates self-incompatibility response in the Brassicaceae
M Iwano, K Ito, S Fujii, M Kakita, H Asano-Shimosato, M Igarashi, ...
Nature Plants 1 (9), 1-9, 2015
Function of PPR proteins in plastid gene expression
T Shikanai, S Fujii
RNA biology 10 (9), 1446-1456, 2013
Molecular mapping of the fertility restorer gene for ms-CW-type cytoplasmic male sterility of rice
S Fujii, K Toriyama
Theoretical and applied genetics 111, 696-701, 2005
The E domains of pentatricopeptide repeat proteins from different organelles are not functionally equivalent for RNA editing
AL Chateigner‐Boutin, C Colas des Francs‐Small, S Fujii, K Okuda, ...
The Plant Journal 74 (6), 935-945, 2013
Retrograde regulation of nuclear gene expression in CW-CMS of rice
S Fujii, S Komatsu, K Toriyama
Plant molecular biology 63, 405-417, 2007
MYB transcription factor gene involved in sex determination in Asparagus officinalis
K Murase, S Shigenobu, S Fujii, K Ueda, T Murata, A Sakamoto, Y Wada, ...
Genes to Cells 22 (1), 115-123, 2017
Cytoplasmic–nuclear genomic barriers in rice pollen development revealed by comparison of global gene expression profiles among five independent cytoplasmic male sterile lines
S Fujii, M Yamada, M Fujita, E Itabashi, K Hamada, K Yano, N Kurata, ...
Plant and cell physiology 51 (4), 610-620, 2010
DCW11, Down-Regulated Gene 11 in CW-Type Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Rice, Encoding Mitochondrial Protein Phosphatase 2C is Related to Cytoplasmic Male …
S Fujii, K Toriyama
Plant and cell physiology 49 (4), 633-640, 2008
Mutagenesis of Individual Pentatricopeptide Repeat Motifs Affects RNA Binding Activity and Reveals Functional Partitioning of Arabidopsis PROTON GRADIENT …
S Fujii, N Sato, T Shikanai
The Plant Cell 25 (8), 3079-3088, 2013
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