Frank Hochholdinger
Frank Hochholdinger
University of Bonn, INRES, Crop Functional Genomics
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Towards the molecular basis of heterosis
F Hochholdinger, N Hoecker
Trends in plant science 12 (9), 427-432, 2007
From weeds to crops: genetic analysis of root development in cereals
F Hochholdinger, WJ Park, M Sauer, K Woll
Trends in plant science 9 (1), 42-48, 2004
An Exocyst Complex Functions in Plant Cell Growth in Arabidopsis and Tobacco
M Hála, R Cole, L Synek, E Drdová, T Pečenková, A Nordheim, ...
The Plant Cell 20 (5), 1330-1345, 2008
Genetic Dissection of Root Formation in Maize (Zea mays) Reveals Root‐type Specific Developmental Programmes
F Hochholdinger, K Woll, M Sauer, D Dembinsky
Annals of Botany 93 (4), 359-368, 2004
Genetic and genomic dissection of maize root development and architecture
F Hochholdinger, R Tuberosa
Current opinion in plant biology 12 (2), 172-177, 2009
The maize (Zea mays L.) RTCS gene encodes a LOB domain protein that is a key regulator of embryonic seminal and post‐embryonic shoot‐borne root initiation
G Taramino, M Sauer, JL Stauffer Jr, D Multani, X Niu, H Sakai, ...
The Plant Journal 50 (4), 649-659, 2007
Isolation and characterization of rtcs, a maize mutant deficient in the formation of nodal roots
W Hetz, F Hochholdinger, M Schwall, G Feix
The Plant Journal 10 (5), 845-857, 1996
The roothairless1 Gene of Maize Encodes a Homolog of sec3, Which Is Involved in Polar Exocytosis
TJ Wen, F Hochholdinger, M Sauer, W Bruce, PS Schnable
Plant physiology 138 (3), 1637-1643, 2005
Conserved and diverse mechanisms in root development
F Hochholdinger, R Zimmermann
Current opinion in plant biology 11 (1), 70-74, 2008
Isolation, Characterization, and Pericycle-Specific Transcriptome Analyses of the Novel Maize Lateral and Seminal Root Initiation Mutant rum1
K Woll, LA Borsuk, H Stransky, D Nettleton, PS Schnable, ...
Plant Physiology 139 (3), 1255-1267, 2005
Defining the boundaries: structure and function of LOB domain proteins
C Majer, F Hochholdinger
Trends in plant science 16 (1), 47-52, 2011
The maize root system: morphology, anatomy, and genetics
F Hochholdinger
Handbook of maize: its biology, 145-160, 2009
Manifestation of heterosis during early maize (Zea mays L.) root development
N Hoecker, B Keller, HP Piepho, F Hochholdinger
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 112 (3), 421-429, 2006
Transcriptomic and proteomic analyses of pericycle cells of the maize primary root
D Dembinsky, K Woll, M Saleem, Y Liu, Y Fu, LA Borsuk, T Lamkemeyer, ...
Plant physiology 145 (3), 575-588, 2007
Analyzing lateral root development: how to move forward
I De Smet, PJ White, AG Bengough, L Dupuy, B Parizot, I Casimiro, ...
The Plant Cell 24 (1), 15-20, 2012
The maize (Zea mays L.) roothairless3 gene encodes a putative GPI‐anchored, monocot‐specific, COBRA‐like protein that significantly affects grain yield
F Hochholdinger, TJ Wen, R Zimmermann, P Chimot‐Marolle, ...
The Plant Journal 54 (5), 888-898, 2008
Complementation contributes to transcriptome complexity in maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids relative to their inbred parents
A Paschold, Y Jia, C Marcon, S Lund, NB Larson, CT Yeh, S Ossowski, ...
Genome research 22 (12), 2445-2454, 2012
Comparison of Maize (Zea mays L.) F1-Hybrid and Parental Inbred Line Primary Root Transcriptomes Suggests Organ-Specific Patterns of Nonadditive Gene …
N Hoecker, B Keller, N Muthreich, D Chollet, P Descombes, HP Piepho, ...
Genetics 179 (3), 1275-1283, 2008
Auxin immunolocalization implicates vesicular neurotransmitter-like mode of polar auxin transport in root apices
M Schlicht, M Strnad, MJ Scanlon, S Mancuso, F Hochholdinger, K Palme, ...
Plant Signaling & Behavior 1 (3), 122-133, 2006
Early post‐embryonic root formation is specifically affected in the maize mutant lrt1
F Hochholdinger, G Feix
The Plant Journal 16 (2), 247-255, 1998
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