Christof Eigner
Christof Eigner
Institute for Photonic Quantum Systems, Paderborn University
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Highly efficient frequency conversion with bandwidth compression of quantum light
M Allgaier, V Ansari, L Sansoni, C Eigner, V Quiring, R Ricken, G Harder, ...
Nature Communications 8, 2017
Nonlinear integrated quantum electro-optic circuits
KH Luo, S Brauner, C Eigner, PR Sharapova, R Ricken, T Meier, ...
Science Advances 5 (1), eaat1451, 2019
High-performance source of spectrally pure, polarization entangled photon pairs based on hybrid integrated-bulk optics
E Meyer-Scott, N Prasannan, C Eigner, V Quiring, JM Donohue, ...
Optics Express 26 (25), 32475-32490, 2018
Heralded generation of high-purity ultrashort single photons in programmable temporal shapes
V Ansari, E Roccia, M Santandrea, M Doostdar, C Eigner, L Padberg, ...
Optics Express 26 (3), 2764-2774, 2018
Waveguide Cavity Resonator as a Source of Optical Squeezing
M Stefszky, R Ricken, C Eigner, V Quiring, H Herrmann, C Silberhorn
Physical Review Applied 7 (4), 044026, 2017
A two-channel, spectrally degenerate polarization entangled source on chip
L Sansoni, KH Luo, C Eigner, R Ricken, V Quiring, H Herrmann, ...
npj Quantum Information 3 (1), 5, 2017
Counter-propagating photon pair generation in a nonlinear waveguide
KH Luo, V Ansari, M Massaro, M Santandrea, C Eigner, R Ricken, ...
Optics Express 28 (3), 3215-3225, 2020
Imaging of ferroelectric domain walls in uniaxial ferroelectrics by confocal Raman spectroscopy: Unraveling the contrast mechanism
M Rüsing, S Neufeld, J Brockmeier, C Eigner, P Mackwitz, K Spychala, ...
Physical Review Materials 2 (10), 103801, 2018
Cryogenic electro-optic polarisation conversion in titanium in-diffused lithium niobate waveguides
F Thiele, F vom Bruch, V Quiring, R Ricken, H Herrmann, C Eigner, ...
Optics Express 28 (20), 28961-28968, 2020
Periodically poled ridge waveguides in KTP for second harmonic generation in the UV regime
C Eigner, M Santandrea, L Padberg, MF Volk, CE Rüter, H Herrmann, ...
Optics Express 26 (22), 28827-28833, 2018
Scalable Generation of Multiphoton Entangled States by Active Feed-Forward and Multiplexing
E Meyer-Scott, N Prasannan, I Dhand, C Eigner, V Quiring, S Barkhofen, ...
Physical Review Letters 129 (15), 150501, 2022
Fast time-domain measurements on telecom single photons
M Allgaier, G Vigh, V Ansari, C Eigner, V Quiring, R Ricken, B Brecht, ...
Quantum Science and Technology 2 (3), 034012, 2017
Fabrication of low-loss Rb-exchanged ridge waveguides in z-cut KTiOPO4
MF Volk, CE Rüter, M Santandrea, C Eigner, L Padberg, H Herrmann, ...
Optical Materials Express 8 (1), 82-87, 2018
Realization of a multi-output quantum pulse gate for decoding high-dimensional temporal modes of single-photon states
L Serino, J Gil-Lopez, M Stefszky, R Ricken, C Eigner, B Brecht, ...
PRX Quantum 4 (2), 020306, 2023
Identification of ferroelectric domain structure sensitive phonon modes in potassium titanyl phosphate: A fundamental study
M Rüsing, C Eigner, P Mackwitz, G Berth, C Silberhorn, A Zrenner
Journal of Applied Physics 119 (4), 044103, 2016
Free and defect-bound (bi)polarons in : Atomic structure and spectroscopic signatures from ab initio calculations
F Schmidt, AL Kozub, T Biktagirov, C Eigner, C Silberhorn, A Schindlmayr, ...
Physical Review Research 2 (4), 043002, 2020
Cryogenic second harmonic generation in periodically-poled lithium niobate waveguides
M Bartnick, M Santandrea, JP Hoepker, F Thiele, R Ricken, V Quiring, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2005.07500, 2020
Characterisation of width-dependent diffusion dynamics in rubidium-exchanged KTP waveguides
L Padberg, M Santandrea, M Rüsing, J Brockmeier, P Mackwitz, G Berth, ...
Optics Express 28 (17), 24353-24362, 2020
Pulse shaping using dispersion-engineered difference frequency generation
M Allgaier, V Ansari, JM Donohue, C Eigner, V Quiring, R Ricken, ...
Physical Review A 101 (4), 043819, 2020
Cryogenic integrated spontaneous parametric down-conversion
NA Lange, JP Höpker, R Ricken, V Quiring, C Eigner, C Silberhorn, ...
Optica 9 (1), 108-111, 2022
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