Matthew J Simpson
Matthew J Simpson
School of Mathematical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology
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The role of cellular reactive oxygen species in cancer chemotherapy
H Yang, RM Villani, H Wang, MJ Simpson, MS Roberts, M Tang, X Liang
Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research 37 (1), 1-10, 2018
Does sea-level rise have an impact on saltwater intrusion?
SW Chang, TP Clement, MJ Simpson, KK Lee
Advances in water resources 34 (10), 1283-1291, 2011
Theoretical analysis of the worthiness of Henry and Elder problems as benchmarks of density-dependent groundwater flow models
MJ Simpson, TP Clement
Advances in Water Resources 26 (1), 17-31, 2003
Cell proliferation drives neural crest cell invasion of the intestine
MJ Simpson, DC Zhang, M Mariani, KA Landman, DF Newgreen
Developmental biology 302 (2), 553-568, 2007
Multi-species simple exclusion processes
MJ Simpson, KA Landman, BD Hughes
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 388 (4), 399-406, 2009
Improving the worthiness of the Henry problem as a benchmark for density‐dependent groundwater flow models
MJ Simpson, TP Clement
Water Resources Research 40 (1), 2004
Simulating invasion with cellular automata: connecting cell-scale and population-scale properties
MJ Simpson, A Merrifield, KA Landman, BD Hughes
Physical Review E 76 (2), 021918, 2007
Correcting mean-field approximations for birth-death-movement processes
RE Baker, MJ Simpson
Physical Review E 82 (4), 041905, 2010
Cell invasion with proliferation mechanisms motivated by time-lapse data
MJ Simpson, KA Landman, BD Hughes
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 389 (18), 3779-3790, 2010
Quantifying the roles of cell motility and cell proliferation in a circular barrier assay
MJ Simpson, KK Treloar, BJ Binder, P Haridas, KJ Manton, DI Leavesley, ...
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 10 (82), 20130007, 2013
Estimating cell diffusivity and cell proliferation rate by interpreting IncuCyte ZOOM™ assay data using the Fisher-Kolmogorov model
ST Johnston, ET Shah, LK Chopin, DL Sean McElwain, MJ Simpson
BMC systems biology 9 (1), 1-13, 2015
Looking inside an invasion wave of cells using continuum models: proliferation is the key
MJ Simpson, KA Landman, BD Hughes, DF Newgreen
Journal of Theoretical Biology 243 (3), 343-360, 2006
Reproducibility of scratch assays is affected by the initial degree of confluence: experiments, modelling and model selection
W Jin, ET Shah, CJ Penington, SW McCue, LK Chopin, MJ Simpson
Journal of theoretical biology 390, 136-145, 2016
Modeling proliferative tissue growth: a general approach and an avian case study
BJ Binder, KA Landman, MJ Simpson, M Mariani, DF Newgreen
Physical Review E 78 (3), 031912, 2008
Colonizing while migrating: how do individual enteric neural crest cells behave?
HM Young, AJ Bergner, MJ Simpson, SJ McKeown, MM Hao, ...
BMC biology 12 (1), 1-18, 2014
Models of collective cell behaviour with crowding effects: comparing lattice-based and lattice-free approaches
MJ Plank, MJ Simpson
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 9 (76), 2983-2996, 2012
Nonlinear diffusion and exclusion processes with contact interactions
AE Fernando, KA Landman, MJ Simpson
Physical Review E 81 (1), 011903, 2010
Corrected mean-field models for spatially dependent advection-diffusion-reaction phenomena
MJ Simpson, RE Baker
Physical Review E 83 (5), 051922, 2011
Sensitivity of edge detection methods for quantifying cell migration assays
KK Treloar, MJ Simpson
PloS one 8 (6), e67389, 2013
Mathematical and experimental insights into the development of the enteric nervous system and Hirschsprung's disease
KA Landman, MJ Simpson, DF Newgreen
Development, growth & differentiation 49 (4), 277-286, 2007
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