Min Wook Chung
Min Wook Chung
Postdoctoral Researcher, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)
Потвърден имейл адрес: gist.ac.kr
B, N-and P, N-doped graphene as highly active catalysts for oxygen reduction reactions in acidic media
CH Choi, MW Chung, HC Kwon, SH Park, SI Woo
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1 (11), 3694-3699, 2013
The Achilles' heel of iron-based catalysts during oxygen reduction in an acidic medium
CH Choi, HK Lim, MW Chung, G Chon, NR Sahraie, A Altin, MT Sougrati, ...
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Rational design of a hierarchical tin dendrite electrode for efficient electrochemical reduction of CO2
DH Won, CH Choi, J Chung, MW Chung, EH Kim, SI Woo
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Long-range electron transfer over graphene-based catalyst for high-performing oxygen reduction reactions: importance of size, N-doping, and metallic impurities
CH Choi, HK Lim, MW Chung, JC Park, H Shin, H Kim, SI Woo
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Additional doping of phosphorus and/or sulfur into nitrogen-doped carbon for efficient oxygen reduction reaction in acidic media
CH Choi, MW Chung, SH Park, SI Woo
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Identification of Single-Atom Ni Site Active toward Electrochemical CO2 Conversion to CO
H Kim, D Shin, W Yang, DH Won, HS Oh, MW Chung, D Jeong, SH Kim, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (2), 925-933, 2021
Nitrogen-doped graphene/carbon nanotube self-assembly for efficient oxygen reduction reaction in acid media
CH Choi, MW Chung, HC Kwon, JH Chung, SI Woo
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pH Effect on the H2O2-Induced Deactivation of Fe-N-C Catalysts
G Bae, MW Chung, SG Ji, F Jaouen, CH Choi
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Carbon monoxide as a promoter of atomically dispersed platinum catalyst in electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction
HC Kwon, M Kim, JP Grote, SJ Cho, MW Chung, H Kim, DH Won, ...
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Doping of chalcogens (sulfur and/or selenium) in nitrogen-doped graphene–CNT self-assembly for enhanced oxygen reduction activity in acid media
CH Choi, MW Chung, YJ Jun, SI Woo
RSC advances 3 (30), 12417-12422, 2013
Easy and controlled synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon
CH Choi, SH Park, MW Chung, SI Woo
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Selective H2O2 production on surface-oxidized metal-nitrogen-carbon electrocatalysts
M Suk, MW Chung, MH Han, HS Oh, CH Choi
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Enhanced CO2 reduction activity of polyethylene glycol-modified Au nanoparticles prepared via liquid medium sputtering
MW Chung, IY Cha, MG Ha, Y Na, J Hwang, HC Ham, HJ Kim, ...
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Enhanced electrochemical oxygen reduction reaction by restacking of N-doped single graphene layers
CH Choi, MW Chung, SH Park, SI Woo
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Electrochemical Evidence for Two Sub‐families of FeNxCy Moieties with Concentration‐Dependent Cyanide Poisoning
MW Chung, G Chon, H Kim, F Jaouen, CH Choi
ChemElectroChem 5 (14), 1880-1885, 2018
Achieving tolerant CO2 electro-reduction catalyst in real water matrix
H Shin, MW Chung, H Jung, KH Chae, HS Oh, YJ Hwang, BK Min
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 258, 117961, 2019
NOx-induced deactivation of Pt electrocatalysis towards the ammonia oxidation reaction
H Kim, MW Chung, CH Choi
Electrochemistry Communications 94, 31-35, 2018
Dimensionality-dependent oxygen reduction activity on doped graphene: Is graphene a promising substrate for electrocatalysis?
MW Chung, CH Choi, SY Lee, SI Woo
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Optimization of catalyst layer composition for PEMFC using graphene-based oxygen reduction reaction catalysts
JC Park, SH Park, MW Chung, CH Choi, BK Kho, SI Woo
Journal of Power Sources 286, 166-174, 2015
Carbon nanofibers as parent materials for a graphene-based Fe-NC catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction
MW Chung, CH Choi
Catalysis Today 295, 125-131, 2017
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