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Christian Skov
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Lake restoration: successes, failures and long‐term effects
M Søndergaard, E Jeppesen, TL Lauridsen, C Skov, EH Van Nes, ...
Journal of Applied ecology 44 (6), 1095-1105, 2007
Partial migration in fishes: causes and consequences
BB Chapman, K Hulthén, J Brodersen, PA Nilsson, C Skov, LA Hansson, ...
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Partial migration in fishes: definitions, methodologies and taxonomic distribution
BB Chapman, C Skov, K Hulthén, J Brodersen, PA Nilsson, LA Hansson, ...
Journal of fish biology 81 (2), 479-499, 2012
To boldly go: individual differences in boldness influence migratory tendency
BB Chapman, K Hulthén, DR Blomqvist, LA Hansson, JÅ Nilsson, ...
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Recreational sea fishing in Europe in a global context—participation rates, fishing effort, expenditure, and implications for monitoring and assessment
K Hyder, MS Weltersbach, M Armstrong, K Ferter, B Townhill, A Ahvonen, ...
Fish and Fisheries 19 (2), 225-243, 2018
Condition‐dependent individual decision‐making determines cyprinid partial migration
J Brodersen, PA Nilsson, LA Hansson, C Skov, C Brönmark
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Angler apps as a source of recreational fisheries data: opportunities, challenges and proposed standards
PA Venturelli, K Hyder, C Skov
Fish and fisheries 18 (3), 578-595, 2017
There and back again: migration in freshwater fishes
C Brönmark, K Hulthén, PA Nilsson, C Skov, LA Hansson, J Brodersen, ...
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Seasonal migration determined by a trade-off between predator avoidance and growth
C Brönmark, C Skov, J Brodersen, PA Nilsson, LA Hansson
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Sizing up your enemy: individual predation vulnerability predicts migratory probability
C Skov, H Baktoft, J Brodersen, C Brönmark, BB Chapman, LA Hansson, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 278 (1710), 1414-1418, 2011
Evaluation of PIT‐tagging in cyprinids
C Skov, J Brodersen, C Brönmark, LA Hansson, P Hertonsson, ...
Journal of Fish Biology 67 (5), 1195-1201, 2005
Consequences of fish predation, migration, and juvenile ontogeny on zooplankton spring dynamics
LA Hansson, A Nicolle, J Brodersen, P Romare, P Anders Nilsson, ...
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How to link biomanipulation and sustainable fisheries management: a step‐by‐step guideline for lakes of the European temperate zone
T Mehner, R Arlinghaus, S Berg, H Dörner, L Jacobsen, P Kasprzak, ...
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Behavior of pike (Esox lucius L.) >50 cm in a turbid reservoir and in a clearwater lake
N Jepsen, S Beck, C Skov, A Koed
Ecology of Freshwater Fish 10 (1), 26-34, 2001
What is the influence of a reduction of planktivorous and benthivorous fish on water quality in temperate eutrophic lakes? A systematic review
C Bernes, SR Carpenter, A Gårdmark, P Larsson, L Persson, C Skov, ...
Environmental Evidence 4, 1-28, 2015
The Physiological Basis of the Migration Continuum in Brown Trout (Salmo trutta)
M Boel, K Aarestrup, H Baktoft, T Larsen, S Søndergaard Madsen, ...
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 87 (2), 334-345, 2014
Migration confers survival benefits against avian predators for partially migratory freshwater fish
C Skov, BB Chapman, H Baktoft, J Brodersen, C Brönmark, LA Hansson, ...
Biology letters 9 (2), 20121178, 2013
Size‐dependent predator–prey relationships between pikeperch and their prey fish
H Dörner, S Hülsmann, F Hölker, C Skov, A Wagner
Ecology of Freshwater Fish 16 (3), 307-314, 2007
Effects of passive integrated transponder tags on survival and growth of juvenile Atlantic salmon Salmo salar
MH Larsen, AN Thorn, C Skov, K Aarestrup
Animal Biotelemetry 1, 1-8, 2013
Activity and food choice of piscivorous perch (Perca fluviatilis) in a eutrophic shallow lake: a radio‐telemetry study
L Jacobsen, S Berg, M Broberg, N Jepsen, C Skov
Freshwater Biology 47 (12), 2370-2379, 2002
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