Birger Zimmermann
Birger Zimmermann
Fraunhofer Institut für Solar Energiesysteme
Потвърден имейл адрес: ise.fraunhofer.de
Efficiency limiting factors of organic bulk heterojunction solar cells identified by electrical impedance spectroscopy
M Glatthaar, M Riede, N Keegan, K Sylvester-Hvid, B Zimmermann, ...
Solar energy materials and solar cells 91 (5), 390-393, 2007
Longterm stability of efficient inverted P3HT: PCBM solar cells
B Zimmermann, U Würfel, M Niggemann
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Organic solar cells using inverted layer sequence
M Glatthaar, M Niggemann, B Zimmermann, P Lewer, M Riede, A Hinsch, ...
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A round robin study of flexible large-area roll-to-roll processed polymer solar cell modules
FC Krebs, SA Gevorgyan, B Gholamkhass, S Holdcroft, C Schlenker, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 93 (11), 1968-1977, 2009
Investigation of the degradation mechanisms of a variety of organic photovoltaic devices by combination of imaging techniques—the ISOS-3 inter-laboratory collaboration
R Rösch, DM Tanenbaum, M Jørgensen, M Seeland, M Bärenklau, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (4), 6521-6540, 2012
An inter-laboratory stability study of roll-to-roll coated flexible polymer solar modules
SA Gevorgyan, AJ Medford, E Bundgaard, SB Sapkota, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 95 (5), 1398-1416, 2011
Efficiency enhancement for bulk-heterojunction hybrid solar cells based on acid treated CdSe quantum dots and low bandgap polymer PCPDTBT
Y Zhou, M Eck, C Veit, B Zimmermann, F Rauscher, P Niyamakom, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 95 (4), 1232-1237, 2011
ITO-free wrap through organic solar cells—A module concept for cost-efficient reel-to-reel production
B Zimmermann, M Glatthaar, M Niggemann, MK Riede, A Hinsch, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 91 (5), 374-378, 2007
Current Collecting Grids for ITO‐Free Solar Cells
Y Galagan, B Zimmermann, EWC Coenen, M Jørgensen, DM Tanenbaum, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 2 (1), 103-110, 2012
ITO-free flexible inverted organic solar cell modules with high fill factor prepared by slot die coating
B Zimmermann, HF Schleiermacher, M Niggemann, U Würfel
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 95 (7), 1587-1589, 2011
Performance enhancement of CdSe nanorod-polymer based hybrid solar cells utilizing a novel combination of post-synthetic nanoparticle surface treatments
D Celik, M Krueger, C Veit, HF Schleiermacher, B Zimmermann, S Allard, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 98, 433-440, 2012
The ISOS-3 inter-laboratory collaboration focused on the stability of a variety of organic photovoltaic devices
DM Tanenbaum, M Hermenau, E Voroshazi, MT Lloyd, Y Galagan, ...
Rsc Advances 2 (3), 882-893, 2012
Influence of the indium tin oxide/organic interface on open-circuit voltage, recombination, and cell degradation in organic small-molecule solar cells
S Schäfer, A Petersen, TA Wagner, R Kniprath, D Lingenfelser, A Zen, ...
Physical Review B 83 (16), 165311, 2011
Aerosol jet printed grid for ITO-free inverted organic solar cells
P Kopola, B Zimmermann, A Filipovic, HF Schleiermacher, J Greulich, ...
Solar energy materials and solar cells 107, 252-258, 2012
A mammary-specific promoter directs expression of growth hormone not only to the mammary gland, but also to Bergman glia cells in transgenic mice
WH Günzburg, B Salmons, B Zimmermann, M Müller, V Erfle, G Brem
Molecular Endocrinology 5 (1), 123-133, 1991
Promising long-term stability of encapsulated ITO-free bulk-heterojunction organic solar cells under different aging conditions
SB Sapkota, A Spies, B Zimmermann, I Dürr, U Würfel
Solar energy materials and solar cells 130, 144-150, 2014
Impedance spectroscopy on organic bulk‐heterojunction solar cells
M Glatthaar, N Mingirulli, B Zimmermann, T Ziegler, R Kern, ...
physica status solidi (a) 202 (11), R125-R127, 2005
Scaling up ITO‐free solar cells
Y Galagan, EWC Coenen, B Zimmermann, LH Slooff, WJH Verhees, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 4 (2), 1300498, 2014
ITO-free organic solar cells with roll-to-roll coated organic functional layers from non-halogenated solvents
D Kaduwal, HF Schleiermacher, J Schulz-Gericke, T Kroyer, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 124, 92-97, 2014
On the stability of a variety of organic photovoltaic devices by IPCE and in situ IPCE analyses–the ISOS-3 inter-laboratory collaboration
G Teran-Escobar, DM Tanenbaum, E Voroshazi, M Hermenau, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14 (33), 11824-11845, 2012
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