Ziqing (Winston) Zhao
Ziqing (Winston) Zhao
Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore | PhD, Harvard | BSc, Caltech
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Single-molecule imaging of transcription factor binding to DNA in live mammalian cells
JCM Gebhardt, DM Suter, R Roy, ZW Zhao, ..., T Maniatis, XS Xie
Nature Methods 10 (5), 421-426, 2013
Towards a human-on-chip: Culturing multiple cell types on a chip with compartmentalized microenvironments
C Zhang*, Z Zhao*, RNA Abdul, D van Noort, H Yu, (*: equal contribution)
Lab on a Chip 9 (22), 3185-3192, 2009
Long-lived binding of Sox2 to DNA predicts cell fate in the four-cell mouse embryo
MD White, JF Angiolini, YD Alvarez, G Kaur, ZW Zhao, ..., N Plachta
Cell 165 (1), 75-87, 2016
Spatial organization of RNA polymerase II inside a mammalian cell nucleus revealed by reflected light-sheet superresolution microscopy
ZW Zhao, R Roy, JCM Gebhardt, DM Suter, AR Chapman, XS Xie
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (2), 681-686, 2014
Engineering a scaffold-free 3D tumor model for in vitro drug penetration studies
SM Ong, Z Zhao, T Arooz, D Zhao, S Zhang, ..., D van Noort, H Yu
Biomaterials 31 (6), 1180-1190, 2010
Highly specific multiplexed RNA imaging in tissues with split-FISH
JJL Goh, N Chou, WY Seow, N Ha, CPP Cheng, YC Chang, ZW Zhao, ...
Nature Methods 17 (7), 689–693, 2020
Dynamic fluctuations in subcellular localization of the Hippo pathway effector Yorkie in vivo
SA Manning, LG Dent, S Kondo, ZW Zhao, N Plachta, KF Harvey
Current Biology 28 (10), 1651-1660, 2018
Superresolution imaging reveals spatiotemporal propagation of human replication foci mediated by CTCF-organized chromatin structures
QP Su*, ZW Zhao*, ..., YQ Gao, XS Xie*, Y Sun*, (*: co-corresponding)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (26), 15036–15046, 2020
Quantifying transcription factor-DNA binding in single cells in vivo with photoactivatable fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
ZW Zhao, MD White, YD Alvarez, J Zenker, S Bissiere, N Plachta
Nature Protocols 12 (7), 1458-1471, 2017
Super-resolution microscopy enabled by high-efficiency surface-migration emission depletion
R Pu, Q Zhan, X Peng, S Liu, X Guo, L Liang, X Qin, ZW Zhao, X Liu
Nature Communications 13, 6636, 2022
Probing the cytochrome c′ folding landscape
EV Pletneva, Z Zhao, T Kimura, KV Petrova, HB Gray, JR Winkler
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 101 (11), 1768-1775, 2007
In vivo imaging of single mammalian cells in development and disease
MD White*, ZW Zhao*, N Plachta, (*: equal contribution)
Trends in Molecular Medicine 24 (3), 278-293, 2018
Quantitative imaging of mammalian transcriptional dynamics: From single cells to whole embryos
ZW Zhao, MD White, S Bissiere, V Levi, N Plachta
BMC Biology 14 (1), 115, 2016
Phase separation-mediated chromatin organization and dynamics: From imaging-based quantitative characterizations to functional implications
WS Ng, H Sielaff, ZW Zhao
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (14), 8039, 2022
Identification of putative binding interface of PI (3, 5) P2 lipid on rice black-streaked dwarf virus (RBSDV) P10 protein
H Liu, XY Peck, YK Choong, WS Ng, W Engl, PV Raghuvamsi, ZW Zhao, ...
Virology 570, 81-95, 2022
CTCF-mediated chromatin structures dictate the spatio-temporal propagation of replication foci
QP Su*, ZW Zhao*, ..., YQ Gao, XS Xie, Y Sun, (*: equal contribution)
bioRxiv, 525915, 2019
Probing the spatio-temporal organizations and dynamics of gene expression and DNA replication in the mammalian cell nucleus
Z Zhao
Harvard University, 2015
Reply to "Convergence of chromatin binding estimates in live cells"
ZW Zhao, JCM Gebhardt, DM Suter, XS Xie
Nature Methods 10 (8), 692, 2013
Author Correction: Highly specific multiplexed RNA imaging in tissues with split-FISH
JJL Goh, N Chou, WY Seow, N Ha, CPP Cheng, YC Chang, ZW Zhao, ...
Nature Methods 17 (9), 947-947, 2020
Nonequilibrium relaxation of conformational dynamics facilitates catalytic reaction in an elastic network model of T7 DNA polymerase
ZW Zhao, XS Xie, H Ge
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120 (11), 2869–2877, 2016
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