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ivan guala
IMC - International Marine Centre, Oristano (Italy)
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Marine reserves: size and age do matter
J Claudet, CW Osenberg, L Benedetti‐Cecchi, P Domenici, ...
Ecology letters 11 (5), 481-489, 2008
Marine reserves: fish life history and ecological traits matter
J Claudet, CW Osenberg, P Domenici, F Badalamenti, M Milazzo, ...
Ecological applications 20 (3), 830-839, 2010
Effectiveness of European Atlanto-Mediterranean MPAs: Do they accomplish the expected effects on populations, communities and ecosystems?
JA García-Charton, A Pérez-Ruzafa, C Marcos, J Claudet, F Badalamenti, ...
Journal for Nature Conservation 16 (4), 193-221, 2008
Marine heatwaves drive recurrent mass mortalities in the Mediterranean Sea
J Garrabou, D Gómez‐Gras, A Medrano, C Cerrano, M Ponti, R Schlegel, ...
Global Change Biology 28 (19), 5708-5725, 2022
Effects of no‐take area size and age of marine protected areas on fisheries yields: a meta‐analytical approach
F Vandeperre, RM Higgins, J Sánchez‐Meca, F Maynou, R Goñi, ...
Fish and Fisheries 12 (4), 412-426, 2011
Uses of ecosystem services provided by MPAs: How much do they impact the local economy? A southern Europe perspective
N Roncin, F Alban, E Charbonnel, R Crec’hriou, R de La Cruz Modino, ...
Journal for Nature Conservation 16 (4), 256-270, 2008
Influence of seasonal and environmental patterns on the lipid content and fatty acid profiles in gonads of the edible sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus from Sardinia
S Siliani, R Melis, B Loi, I Guala, M Baroli, R Sanna, S Uzzau, T Roggio, ...
Marine environmental research 113, 124-133, 2016
Density and distribution patterns of the endangered species Pinna nobilis within a Posidonia oceanica meadow in the Gulf of Oristano (Italy)
S Coppa, I Guala, GA de Lucia, G Massaro, M Bressan
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 90 (5 …, 2010
Review of the effects of protection in marine protected areas: current knowledge and gaps
C Ojeda-Martínez, JT Bayle-Sempere, P Sánchez-Jerez, F Salas, ...
Centro Oceanográfico de Baleares, 2011
Posidonia oceanica'banquette' removal: environmental impact and management implications
I Guala, S Simeone, MC Buia, S Flagella, M Baroli, G De Falco, ...
Biologia marina mediterranea 13 (4), 2006
Ecological status of coralligenous assemblages: Ten years of application of the ESCA index from local to wide scale validation
L Piazzi, P Gennaro, E Cecchi, CN Bianchi, MF Cinti, G Gatti, I Guala, ...
Ecological Indicators 121, 107077, 2021
An integrated assessment of the good environmental status of Mediterranean marine protected areas
S Fraschetti, E Fabbrizzi, L Tamburello, MC Uyarra, F Micheli, E Sala, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 305, 114370, 2022
Hydrodynamic patterns favouring sea urchin recruitment in coastal areas: A Mediterranean study case
S Farina, G Quattrocchi, I Guala, A Cucco
Marine Environmental Research 139, 182-192, 2018
What's in an index? Comparing the ecological information provided by two indices to assess the status of coralligenous reefs in the NW Mediterranean Sea
L Piazzi, CN Bianchi, E Cecchi, G Gatti, I Guala, C Morri, S Sartoretto, ...
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 27 (6), 1091-1100, 2017
Impact of frequentation on a Mediterranean embayed beach: implication on carrying capacity
S Simeone, AGL Palombo, I Guala
Ocean & coastal management 62, 9-14, 2012
Determinants of Paracentrotus lividus sea urchin recruitment under oligotrophic conditions: implications for conservation management
S Oliva, S Farina, S Pinna, I Guala, D Agnetta, PA Ariotti, F Mura, ...
Marine Environmental Research 117, 13-20, 2016
Hard time to be parents? Sea urchin fishery shifts potential reproductive contribution of population onto the shoulders of the young adults
B Loi, I Guala, RP da Silva, G Brundu, M Baroli, S Farina
PeerJ 5, e3067, 2017
The challenge of managing the commercial harvesting of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus: advanced approaches are required
S Farina, M Baroli, R Brundu, A Conforti, A Cucco, G De Falco, I Guala, ...
PeerJ 8, e10093, 2020
Marine reserves: size and age do matter
JA Charton, A Perez-Ruzafa, F Badalamenti, J Bayle-Sempere, A Brito, ...
Ecol Lett 11, 481489Ct, 2008
Cartografia integrata delle praterie marine superficiali come indicatore dell’impatto antropico sulla fascia costiera
G Cancemi, M Baroli, G De Falco, S Agostini, G Piergallini, I Guala
Biologia Marina Mediterranea 7 (1), 509-516, 2000
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