John Wikswo
John Wikswo
University Distinguished Professor; A.B. Learned Professor, Founding Director of VIIBRE
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Using a magnetometer to image a two‐dimensional current distribution
BJ Roth, NG Sepulveda, JP Wikswo Jr
Journal of applied physics 65 (1), 361-372, 1989
Current injection into a two-dimensional anisotropic bidomain
NG Sepulveda, BJ Roth, JP Wikswo
Biophysical journal 55 (5), 987-999, 1989
Virtual electrodes in cardiac tissue: a common mechanism for anodal and cathodal stimulation
JP Wikswo, SF Lin, RA Abbas
Biophysical journal 69 (6), 2195-2210, 1995
Recreating blood-brain barrier physiology and structure on chip: A novel neurovascular microfluidic bioreactor
JA Brown, V Pensabene, DA Markov, V Allwardt, MD Neely, M Shi, ...
Biomicrofluidics 9 (5), 2015
Effects of flow and diffusion on chemotaxis studies in a microfabricated gradient generator
GM Walker, J Sai, A Richmond, M Stremler, CY Chung, JP Wikswo
Lab on a Chip 5 (6), 611-618, 2005
Scaling and systems biology for integrating multiple organs-on-a-chip
JP Wikswo, EL Curtis, ZE Eagleton, BC Evans, A Kole, LH Hofmeister, ...
Lab on a Chip 13 (18), 3496-3511, 2013
SQUID magnetometers for biomagnetism and nondestructive testing: important questions and initial answers
JP Wikswo
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 5 (2), 74-120, 1995
Magnetic field of a nerve impulse: first measurements
JP Wikswo, JP Barach, JA Freeman
Science 208 (4439), 53-55, 1980
Microfluidic single-cell array cytometry for the analysis of tumor apoptosis
D Wlodkowic, S Faley, M Zagnoni, JP Wikswo, JM Cooper
Analytical chemistry 81 (13), 5517-5523, 2009
A low temperature transfer of ALH84001 from Mars to Earth
BP Weiss, JL Kirschvink, FJ Baudenbacher, H Vali, NT Peters, ...
Science 290 (5492), 791-795, 2000
SQUIDs for nondestructive evaluation
WG Jenks, SSH Sadeghi, JP Wikswo Jr
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 30 (3), 293, 1997
Reduction of infarct size with the early use of timolol in acute myocardial infarction
International Collaborative Study Group
New England Journal of Medicine 310 (1), 9-15, 1984
Functional coupling of human microphysiology systems: intestine, liver, kidney proximal tubule, blood-brain barrier and skeletal muscle
L Vernetti, A Gough, N Baetz, S Blutt, JR Broughman, JA Brown, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 42296, 2017
The relevance and potential roles of microphysiological systems in biology and medicine
JP Wikswo
Experimental biology and medicine 239 (9), 1061-1072, 2014
Scanning SQUID microscopy
JR Kirtley, JP Wikswo Jr
Annual Review of Materials Science 29 (1), 117-148, 1999
Engineering challenges for instrumenting and controlling integrated organ-on-chip systems
JP Wikswo, FE Block III, DE Cliffel, CR Goodwin, CC Marasco, DA Markov, ...
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 60 (3), 682-690, 2013
Microfluidic platform for real-time signaling analysis of multiple single T cells in parallel
S Faley, K Seale, J Hughey, DK Schaffer, S VanCompernolle, B McKinney, ...
Lab on a Chip 8 (10), 1700-1712, 2008
Microfluidic single cell arrays to interrogate signalling dynamics of individual, patient-derived hematopoietic stem cells
SL Faley, M Copland, D Wlodkowic, W Kolch, KT Seale, JP Wikswo, ...
Lab on a Chip 9 (18), 2659-2664, 2009
Automated refinement and inference of analytical models for metabolic networks
MD Schmidt, RR Vallabhajosyula, JW Jenkins, JE Hood, AS Soni, ...
Physical biology 8 (5), 055011, 2011
Measurement Techniques for Cellular Biomechanics In Vitro
KA Addae-Mensah, JP Wikswo
Experimental biology and medicine 233 (7), 792-809, 2008
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