Morten Karsdal
Morten Karsdal
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Call for standardized definitions of osteoarthritis and risk stratification for clinical trials and clinical use
VB Kraus, FJ Blanco, M Englund, MA Karsdal, LS Lohmander
Osteoarthritis and cartilage 23 (8), 1233-1241, 2015
The type I collagen fragments ICTP and CTX reveal distinct enzymatic pathways of bone collagen degradation
P Garnero, M Ferreras, MA Karsdal, R Nicamhlaoibh, J Risteli, O Borel, ...
Journal of bone and Mineral Research 18 (5), 859-867, 2003
Republished: Value of biomarkers in osteoarthritis: current status and perspectives
M Lotz, J Martel-Pelletier, C Christiansen, ML Brandi, O Bruyère, ...
Postgraduate medical journal 90 (1061), 171-178, 2014
The good and the bad collagens of fibrosis–their role in signaling and organ function
MA Karsdal, SH Nielsen, DJ Leeming, LL Langholm, MJ Nielsen, ...
Advanced drug delivery reviews 121, 43-56, 2017
Collagens and Cancer associated fibroblasts in the reactive stroma and its relation to Cancer biology
NI Nissen, M Karsdal, N Willumsen
Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research 38 (1), 115, 2019
Local communication on and within bone controls bone remodeling
K Henriksen, AV Neutzsky-Wulff, LF Bonewald, MA Karsdal
Bone 44 (6), 1026-1033, 2009
The extracellular matrix in the kidney: a source of novel non-invasive biomarkers of kidney fibrosis?
F Genovese, AA Manresa, DJ Leeming, MA Karsdal, P Boor
Fibrogenesis & tissue repair 7, 1-14, 2014
Disease-modifying treatments for osteoarthritis (DMOADs) of the knee and hip: lessons learned from failures and opportunities for the future
MA Karsdal, M Michaelis, C Ladel, AS Siebuhr, AR Bihlet, JR Andersen, ...
Osteoarthritis and cartilage 24 (12), 2013-2021, 2016
The future of blood-based biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease
K Henriksen, SE O’Bryant, H Hampel, JQ Trojanowski, TJ Montine, ...
Alzheimer's & dementia 10 (1), 115-131, 2014
Matrix metalloproteinase-dependent activation of latent transforming growth factor-β controls the conversion of osteoblasts into osteocytes by blocking osteoblast apoptosis
MA Karsdal, L Larsen, MT Engsig, H Lou, M Ferreras, A Lochter, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (46), 44061-44067, 2002
Longitudinal change in collagen degradation biomarkers in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: an analysis from the prospective, multicentre PROFILE study
RG Jenkins, JK Simpson, G Saini, JH Bentley, AM Russell, R Braybrooke, ...
The lancet Respiratory medicine 3 (6), 462-472, 2015
Are nonresorbing osteoclasts sources of bone anabolic activity?
MA Karsdal, TJ Martin, J Bollerslev, C Christiansen, K Henriksen
Journal of bone and mineral research 22 (4), 487-494, 2007
Proteinases in bone resorption: obvious and less obvious roles
JM Delaissé, MT Engsig, V Everts, M del Carmen Ovejero, M Ferreras, ...
Clinica Chimica Acta 291 (2), 223-234, 2000
Extracellular matrix remodeling: the common denominator in connective tissue diseases possibilities for evaluation and current understanding of the matrix as more than a …
MA Karsdal, MJ Nielsen, JM Sand, K Henriksen, F Genovese, ...
Assay and drug development technologies 11 (2), 70-92, 2013
Should subchondral bone turnover be targeted when treating osteoarthritis?
MA Karsdal, DJ Leeming, EB Dam, K Henriksen, P Alexandersen, ...
Osteoarthritis and cartilage 16 (6), 638-646, 2008
Osteoclast activity and subtypes as a function of physiology and pathology—implications for future treatments of osteoporosis
K Henriksen, J Bollerslev, V Everts, MA Karsdal
Endocrine reviews 32 (1), 31-63, 2011
The minor collagens in articular cartilage
Y Luo, D Sinkeviciute, Y He, M Karsdal, Y Henrotin, A Mobasheri, ...
Protein & cell 8 (8), 560-572, 2017
Novel insights into the function and dynamics of extracellular matrix in liver fibrosis
MA Karsdal, T Manon-Jensen, F Genovese, JH Kristensen, MJ Nielsen, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology 308 (10 …, 2015
The neo-epitope specific PRO-C3 ELISA measures true formation of type III collagen associated with liver and muscle parameters
MJ Nielsen, AF Nedergaard, S Sun, SS Veidal, L Larsen, Q Zheng, ...
American journal of translational research 5 (3), 303, 2013
A novel assay for extracellular matrix remodeling associated with liver fibrosis: An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for a MMP-9 proteolytically revealed neo-epitope …
N Barascuk, SS Veidal, L Larsen, DV Larsen, MR Larsen, J Wang, ...
Clinical biochemistry 43 (10-11), 899-904, 2010
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