Natalie Russo
Natalie Russo
Associate professor, department of psychology, Syracuse University
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The development of multisensory integration in high-functioning autism: high-density electrical mapping and psychophysical measures reveal impairments in the processing of …
AB Brandwein, JJ Foxe, JS Butler, NN Russo, TS Altschuler, H Gomes, ...
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Autism spectrum disorders and ADHD: Overlapping phenomenology, diagnostic issues, and treatment considerations
KM Antshel, N Russo
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Deconstructing executive deficits among persons with autism: Implications for cognitive neuroscience
N Russo, T Flanagan, G Iarocci, D Berringer, PD Zelazo, JA Burack
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Multisensory processing in children with autism: high‐density electrical mapping of auditory–somatosensory integration
N Russo, JJ Foxe, AB Brandwein, T Altschuler, H Gomes, S Molholm
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The development of audiovisual multisensory integration across childhood and early adolescence: a high-density electrical mapping study
AB Brandwein, JJ Foxe, NN Russo, TS Altschuler, H Gomes, S Molholm
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Mosaic epigenetic dysregulation of ectodermal cells in autism spectrum disorder
ER Berko, M Suzuki, F Beren, C Lemetre, CM Alaimo, RB Calder, ...
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Theory of mind deficits in children with fragile X syndrome
K Cornish, JA Burack, A Rahman, F Munir, N Russo, C Grant
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Sensory overresponsivity as a predictor of amplitude discrimination performance in youth with ASD
EP McKernan, Y Wu, N Russo
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Cultural mismatch and the education of Aboriginal youths: the interplay of cultural identities and teacher ratings.
SA Fryberg, W Troop-Gordon, A D'Arrisso, H Flores, V Ponizovskiy, ...
Developmental psychology 49 (1), 72, 2013
How I attend—not how well do I attend: Rethinking developmental frameworks of attention and cognition in autism spectrum disorder and typical development
JA Burack, N Russo, H Kovshoff, TP Fernandes, J Ringo, O Landry, ...
Building Bridges: Cognitive Development in Typical and Atypical Development …, 2019
Atypical cortical representation of peripheral visual space in children with an autism spectrum disorder
HP Frey, S Molholm, EC Lalor, NN Russo, JJ Foxe
European Journal of Neuroscience 38 (1), 2125-2138, 2013
Cognitive flexibility among individuals with Down syndrome: assessing the influence of verbal and nonverbal abilities
C Campbell, O Landry, N Russo, H Flores, S Jacques, JA Burack
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Developmental perspectives on the study of persons with intellectual disability
JA Burack, DW Evans, N Russo, JS Napoleon, KJ Goldman, G Iarocci
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Parameters of semantic multisensory integration depend on timing and modality order among people on the autism spectrum: Evidence from event-related potentials
N Russo, L Mottron, JA Burack, B Jemel
Neuropsychologia 50 (9), 2131-2141, 2012
Brief report: Social functioning predicts externalizing problem behaviors in autism spectrum disorder
N Shea, E Payne, N Russo
Journal of autism and developmental disorders 48, 2237-2242, 2018
Early electrophysiological indices of illusory contour processing within the lateral occipital complex are virtually impervious to manipulations of illusion strength
TS Altschuler, S Molholm, NN Russo, AC Snyder, AB Brandwein, ...
Neuroimage 59 (4), 4074-4085, 2012
The more you know the less you know, but that’s OK: Developments in the developmental approach to intellectual disability
JA Burack, N Russo, H Flores, G Iarocci, E Zigler
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Brief report: physical activity, body mass index and arterial stiffness in children with autism spectrum disorder: preliminary findings
KS Heffernan, L Columna, N Russo, BA Myers, CE Ashby, ML Norris, ...
Journal of autism and developmental disorders 48, 625-631, 2018
The impact of verbal and nonverbal development on executive function in Down syndrome and Williams syndrome
O Landry, N Russo, T Dawkins, PD Zelazo, JA Burack
Journal on Developmental Disabilities 18 (2), 26, 2012
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