Tyler Reddy
SciPy 1.0: fundamental algorithms for scientific computing in Python
P Virtanen, R Gommers, TE Oliphant, M Haberland, T Reddy, ...
Nature methods 17 (3), 261-272, 2020
Array programming with NumPy
CR Harris, KJ Millman, SJ Van Der Walt, R Gommers, P Virtanen, ...
Nature 585 (7825), 357-362, 2020
MDAnalysis: a Python package for the rapid analysis of molecular dynamics simulations
RJ Gowers, M Linke, J Barnoud, TJE Reddy, MN Melo, SL Seyler, ...
Los Alamos National lab.(LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States), 2019
Myf5 −/− :MyoD −/− amyogenic fetuses reveal the importance of early contraction and …
I Rot-Nikcevic, T Reddy, KJ Downing, AC Belliveau, B Hallgrímsson, ...
Development genes and evolution 216, 1-9, 2006
Structural insight into G-protein coupled receptor binding by apelin
DN Langelaan, EM Bebbington, T Reddy, JK Rainey
Biochemistry 48 (3), 537-548, 2009
SciPy 1.0: fundamental algorithms for scientific computing in Python
SP Contributors, P Virtanen, R Gommers, TE Oliphant, M Haberland, ...
Nature methods 17 (353), 261-272, 2020
Nothing to sneeze at: a dynamic and integrative computational model of an influenza A virion
T Reddy, D Shorthouse, DL Parton, E Jefferys, PW Fowler, M Chavent, ...
Structure 23 (3), 584-597, 2015
The role of the membrane in the structure and biophysical robustness of the dengue virion envelope
T Reddy, MSP Sansom
Structure 24 (3), 375-382, 2016
Protein crowding and lipid complexity influence the nanoscale dynamic organization of ion channels in cell membranes
AL Duncan, T Reddy, H Koldsø, J Hélie, PW Fowler, M Chavent, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 16647, 2017
How nanoscale protein interactions determine the mesoscale dynamic organisation of bacterial outer membrane proteins
M Chavent, AL Duncan, P Rassam, O Birkholz, J Hélie, T Reddy, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 2846, 2018
Structural features of the apelin receptor N-terminal tail and first transmembrane segment implicated in ligand binding and receptor trafficking
DN Langelaan, T Reddy, AW Banks, G Dellaire, DJ Dupré, JK Rainey
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes 1828 (6), 1471-1483, 2013
Computational virology: From the inside out
T Reddy, MSP Sansom
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes 1858 (7), 1610-1618, 2016
Methodologies for the analysis of instantaneous lipid diffusion in md simulations of large membrane systems
M Chavent, T Reddy, J Goose, ACE Dahl, JE Stone, B Jobard, ...
Faraday discussions 169, 455-475, 2014
Structural and functional characterization of transmembrane segment IX of the NHE1 isoform of the Na+/H+ exchanger
T Reddy, J Ding, X Li, BD Sykes, JK Rainey, L Fliegel
Journal of biological chemistry 283 (32), 22018-22030, 2008
Scipy/Scipy: Scipy 0.19. 0
P Virtanen, R Gommers, TE Oliphant, E Burovski, D Cournapeau, ...
Zenodo, 2020
Interpretation of biomolecular NMR spin relaxation parameters
T Reddy, JK Rainey
Biochemistry and Cell Biology 88 (2), 131-142, 2010
Membrane compartmentalization reducing the mobility of lipids and proteins within a model plasma membrane
H Koldsø, T Reddy, PW Fowler, AL Duncan, MSP Sansom
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120 (34), 8873-8881, 2016
Scipy/Scipy: Scipy 1.1. 0
P Virtanen, R Gommers, E Burovski, TE Oliphant, D Cournapeau, ...
Zenodo, 2018
Primary and secondary dimer interfaces of the fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 transmembrane domain: characterization via multiscale molecular dynamics simulations
T Reddy, S Manrique, A Buyan, BA Hall, A Chetwynd, MSP Sansom
Biochemistry 53 (2), 323-332, 2014
Multifaceted substrate capture scheme of a rhomboid protease
T Reddy, JK Rainey
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (30), 8942-8954, 2012
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