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Ken Tokashiki
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Selectivity in thermal atomic layer etching using sequential, self-limiting fluorination and ligand-exchange reactions
Y Lee, C Huffman, SM George
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Controlled Layer-by-Layer Etching of MoS2
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Sub-100 nm InGaAs quantum-well (QW) tri-gate MOSFETs with Al2O3/HfO2 (EOT < 1 nm) for low-power logic applications
TW Kim, DH Kim, DH Koh, HM Kwon, RH Baek, D Veksler, C Huffman, ...
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Demonstration of scaled 0.099µm2 FinFET 6T-SRAM cell using full-field EUV lithography for (Sub-)22nm node single-patterning technology
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Formation of fully silicided gate with oxide barrier on the source/drain silicide regions
P Kohli, C Huffman, M Ramin
US Patent 7,737,015, 2010
IEEE Electron Dev
W Xiong, CR Cleavelin, P Kohli, C Huffman, T Schulz, K Schruefer, ...
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Advanced organic polymer for the aggressive scaling of low-k materials
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Etch back of interconnect dielectrics
DG Farber, T Tsui, R Kraft, C Huffman
US Patent 6,780,756, 2004
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