Niels Daugbjerg, PhD
Niels Daugbjerg, PhD
Associate Professor at Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen
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Phylogeny of some of the major genera of dinoflagellates based on ultrastructure and partial LSU rDNA sequence data, including the erection of three new genera of unarmoured …
N Daugbjerg, G Hansen, J Larsen, Ø Moestrup
Phycologia 39 (4), 302-317, 2000
The pan-Arctic biodiversity of marine pelagic and sea-ice unicellular eukaryotes: a first-attempt assessment.
M Poulin, N Daugbjerg, R Gradinger, L Ilyash, T Ratkova, C von Quillfeldt
Marine Biodiversity 41 (1), 13-28, 2011
Comparative study of Gymnodinium mikimotoi and Gymnodinium aureolum comb. nov (= Gyrodinium aureolum) based on morphology, pigment composition, and molecular data.
G Hansen, N Daugbjerg, P Henriksen
Journal of Phycology 36, 394-410, 2000
Phylogeny of the Bacillariaceae with emphasis on the genus Pseudo-nitzschia (Bacillariophyceae) based on partial LSU rDNA.
N Lundholm, N Daugbjerg, Ø Moestrup
European Journal of Phycology 37, 115-134, 2002
On the identity of Karlodinium veneficum and description of Karlodinium armiger sp. nov. (Dinophyceae), based on light- and electron microscopy, nuclear-encoded LSU rDNA and …
T Bergholtz, N Daugbjerg, Ø Moestrup, M Fernández‐Tejedor
Journal of Phycology 42 (1), 170-193, 2006
A molecular phylogeny of the heterokont algae based on analyses of chloroplast-encoded rbcL sequence data.
N Daugbjerg, RA Andersen
Journal of Phycology 33 (6), 1031-1041, 1997
Amphidinium revisited: I. Redefinition of Amphidinium (Dinophyceae) based on cladistic and molecular phylogenetic analyses.
MF Jørgensen, S Murray, N Daugbjerg
Journal of Phycology 40 (2), 351-365, 2004
Effect of lowered pH on marine phytoplankton growth rates
T Berge, N Daugbjerg, BB Andersen, PJ Hansen
Marine Ecology Progress Series 416, 79-91, 2010
On dinoflagellate phylogeny and classification.
Ø Moestrup, N Daugbjerg
The Systematics Association Special Volume Series 75, 215-230, 2007
Morphology, toxin composition and LSU rDNA phylogeny of Alexandrium minutum (Dinophyceae) from Denmark, with some morphological observations on other European strains.
G Hansen, N Daugbjerg, JM Franco
Harmful Algae 2 (4), 317-335, 2003
Marine epibenthic dinoflagellates from Malaysia - A study of live cultures and preserved samples based on light and scanning electron microscopy
N Mohammad-Noor, N Daugbjerg, O Moestrup, A Anton
Nordic Journal of Botany 24 (6), 629-690, 2005
Phylogenetic analyses of the rbcL sequences from haptophytes and heterokont algae suggest their chloroplasts are unrelated.
N Daugbjerg, RA Andersen
Molecular Biology and Evolution 14 (12), 1242-1251, 1997
Studies on woloszynskioid dinoflagellates IV: The genus Biecheleria gen. nov.
Ø Moestrup, K Lindberg, N Daugbjerg
Phycological Research 57 (3), 203-220, 2009
Amphidinium revisited: II. Resolving species boundaries in the Amphidinium operculatum species complex (Dinophyceae), including the descriptions of Amphidinium trulla sp. nov …
S Murray, M Flø Jørgensen, N Daugbjerg, L Rhodes
Journal of phycology 40 (2), 366-382, 2004
Studies on woloszynskioid dinoflagellates I: Woloszynskia coronata re-examined using light and electron microscopy and partial LSU rDNA sequences, with description of Tovellia …
K Lindberg, Ø Moestrup, N Daugbjerg
Phycologia 44 (4), 416-440, 2005
Symbiodinium natans sp. nov. – a ‘free-living’ dinoflagellate from Tenerife (Northeast-Atlantic Ocean).
G Hansen, N Daugbjerg
Journal of Phycology 45 (1), 251-263, 2009
The influence of copepod and krill grazing on the species composition of phytoplankton communities from the Scotia-Weddell Sea: an experimental approach.
E Granéli, W Granéli, M Mozzam Rabbani, N Daugbjerg, G Fransz, ...
Polar Biology 13 (3), 201-213, 1993
Morphological and LSU rDNA sequcence variation within the Gonyaulax spinifera/Spiniferites-group (Dinophyceae) and proposal of two new combinations, Gonyaulax elongata comb …
M Ellegaard, N Daugbjerg, A Rochon, J Lewis, I Harding
Phycologia 42, 151-164, 2003
Toxic mucus traps: A novel mechanism that mediates prey uptake in the mixotrophic dinoflagellate Alexandrium pseudogonyaulax.
HE Blossom, N Daugbjerg, PJ Hansen
Harmful Algae 17, 40-53, 2012
The toxic dinoflagellate Dinophysis acuminata harbors permanent chloroplasts of cryptomonad origin, not kleptochloroplasts
L Garcia-Cuetos, Ø Moestrup, PJ Hansen, N Daugbjerg
Harmful Algae 9 (1), 25-38, 2010
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