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Carmen Collada
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Cross-species transferability and mapping of genomic and cDNA SSRs in pines
D Chagné, P Chaumeil, A Ramboer, C Collada, A Guevara, MT Cervera, ...
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 109 (6), 1204-1214, 2004
Heterologous expression of a plant small heat-shock protein enhances Escherichia coli viability under heat and cold stress
A Soto, I Allona, C Collada, MA Guevara, R Casado, E Rodriguez-Cerezo, ...
Plant Physiology 120 (2), 521-528, 1999
Contrasting Patterns of Selection at Pinus pinaster Ait. Drought Stress Candidate Genes as Revealed by Genetic Differentiation Analyses
E Eveno, C Collada, MA Guevara, V Léger, A Soto, L Díaz, P Léger, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution 25 (2), 417-437, 2008
Class I chitinases with hevein-like domain, but not class II enzymes, are relevant chestnut and avocado allergens
A Diaz-Perales, C Collada, C Blanco, R Sánchez-Monge, T Carrillo, ...
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 102 (1), 127-133, 1998
Winter disruption of the circadian clock in chestnut
A Ramos, E Pérez-Solís, C Ibáñez, R Casado, C Collada, L Gómez, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (19), 7037-7042, 2005
Cross-reactions in the latex-fruit syndrome: A relevant role of chitinases but not of complex asparagine-linked glycans
A Diaz-Perales, C Collada, C Blanco, R Sanchez-Monge, T Carrillo, ...
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 104 (3), 681-687, 1999
Class I chitinases as potential panallergens involved in the latex-fruit syndrome
C Blanco, A Diaz-Perales, C Collada, R Sánchez-Monge, C Aragoncillo, ...
Journal of allergy and clinical immunology 103 (3), 507-513, 1999
Gene flow and hybridisation in a mixed oak forest (Quercus pyrenaica Willd. and Quercus petraea (Matts.) Liebl.) in central Spain
M Valbuena-Carabana, SC González-Martínez, VL Sork, C Collada, ...
Heredity 95 (6), 457-465, 2005
Genetic structure of montane isolates of Pinus sylvestris L. in a Mediterranean refugial area
JJ Robledo‐Arnuncio, C Collada, R Alia, L Gil
Journal of Biogeography 32 (4), 595-605, 2005
Isolation and characterization of major banana allergens: identification as fruit class I chitinases.
R Sanchez-Monge, C Blanco, A Diaz-Perales, C Collada, T Carrillo, ...
Clinical and experimental allergy: journal of the British Society for …, 1999
Class I chitinases, the panallergens responsible for the latex-fruit syndrome, are induced by ethylene treatment and inactivated by heating
R Sánchez-Monge, C Blanco, AD Perales, C Collada, T Carrillo, ...
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 106 (1), 190-195, 2000
Protein cryoprotective activity of a cytosolic small heat shock protein that accumulates constitutively in chestnut stems and is up-regulated by low and high temperatures
MA Lopez-Matas, P Nunez, A Soto, I Allona, R Casado, C Collada, ...
Plant Physiology 134 (4), 1708-1717, 2004
Molecular and palaeoecological evidence for multiple glacial refugia for evergreen oaks on the Iberian Peninsula
U López de Heredia, JS Carrión, P Jiménez, C Collada, L Gil
Journal of Biogeography 34 (9), 1505-1517, 2007
Cross-amplification and sequence variation of microsatellite loci in Eurasian hard pines
SC González-Martínez, JJ Robledo-Arnuncio, C Collada, A Díaz, ...
Theoretical and applied genetics 109 (1), 103-111, 2004
High variability of chloroplast DNA in three Mediterranean evergreen oaks indicates complex evolutionary history
P Jiménez, UL de Heredia, C Collada, Z Lorenzo, L Gil
Heredity 93 (5), 510-515, 2004
English elm is a 2,000-year-old Roman clone
L Gil, P Fuentes-Utrilla, Á Soto, MT Cervera, C Collada
Nature 431 (7012), 1053-1053, 2004
Complex population genetic structure in the endemic Canary Island pine revealed using chloroplast microsatellite markers
A Gómez, SC González-Martínez, C Collada, J Climent, L Gil
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 107 (6), 1123-1131, 2003
Site-directed mutagenesis of active site residues in a class I endochitinase from chestnut seeds
G Garcia-Casado, C Collada, I Allona, R Casado, LF Pacios, ...
Glycobiology 8 (10), 1021-1028, 1998
Purification and in vitro chaperone activity of a class I small heat-shock protein abundant in recalcitrant chestnut seeds
C Collada, L Gomez, R Casado, C Aragoncillo
Plant physiology 115 (1), 71-77, 1997
Characterization of an apoplastic basic thaumatin‐like protein from recalcitrant chestnut seeds
G Garcia‐Casado, C Collada, I Allona, A Soto, R Casado, ...
Physiologia Plantarum 110 (2), 172-180, 2000
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