Chuong Ngo
Chuong Ngo
Research Associate, Philips Chair for Medical Information Technology, RWTH Aachen
Потвърден имейл адрес: hia.rwth-aachen.de
Impedance-controlled variable stiffness actuator for lower limb robot applications
L Liu, S Leonhardt, C Ngo, BJE Misgeld
IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering 17 (2), 991-1004, 2019
Global and regional lung function in cystic fibrosis measured by electrical impedance tomography
S Lehmann, S Leonhardt, C Ngo, L Bergmann, I Ayed, S Schrading, ...
Pediatric pulmonology 51 (11), 1191-1199, 2016
Linearity of electrical impedance tomography during maximum effort breathing and forced expiration maneuvers
C Ngo, S Leonhardt, T Zhang, M Lüken, B Misgeld, T Vollmer, K Tenbrock, ...
Physiological measurement 38 (1), 77, 2016
Electrical impedance tomography as possible guidance for individual positioning of patients with multiple lung injury
S Lehmann, S Leonhardt, C Ngo, L Bergmann, S Schrading, K Heimann, ...
The clinical respiratory journal 12 (1), 68-75, 2018
Design and analysis of a clutched parallel elastic actuator
B Penzlin, M Enes Fincan, Y Li, L Ji, S Leonhardt, C Ngo
Actuators 8 (3), 67, 2019
An object-oriented computational model to study cardiopulmonary hemodynamic interactions in humans
C Ngo, S Dahlmanns, T Vollmer, B Misgeld, S Leonhardt
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 159, 167-183, 2018
Flow‐volume loops measured with electrical impedance tomography in pediatric patients with asthma
C Ngo, F Dippel, K Tenbrock, S Leonhardt, S Lehmann
Pediatric Pulmonology 53 (5), 636-644, 2018
Estimation of stride time variability in unobtrusive long-term monitoring using inertial measurement sensors
M Lueken, W Ten Kate, G Valenti, JP Batista, C Bollheimer, S Leonhardt, ...
IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics 24 (7), 1879-1886, 2020
Low impedance-guaranteed gain-scheduled GESO for torque-controlled VSA with application of exoskeleton-assisted sit-to-stand
L Liu, Z Hong, B Penzlin, BJE Misgeld, C Ngo, L Bergmann, S Leonhardt
IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics 26 (4), 2080-2091, 2020
Peak detection algorithm for gait segmentation in long-term monitoring for stride time estimation using inertial measurement sensors
M Lueken, W ten Kate, JP Batista, C Ngo, C Bollheimer, S Leonhardt
2019 IEEE EMBS International Conference on Biomedical & Health Informatics …, 2019
A Way of bionic control based on EI, EMG, and FMG signals
A Briko, V Kapravchuk, A Kobelev, A Hammoud, S Leonhardt, C Ngo, ...
Sensors 22 (1), 152, 2021
Evaluation and application of a customizable wireless platform: A body sensor network for unobtrusive gait analysis in everyday life
M Lueken, L Mueller, MG Decker, C Bollheimer, S Leonhardt, C Ngo
Sensors 20 (24), 7325, 2020
A simulative model approach of cardiopulmonary interaction
C Ngo, R Schlözer, T Vollmer, S Winter, B Misgeld, S Leonhardt
World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, June 7-12 …, 2015
Assessing regional lung mechanics by combining electrical impedance tomography and forced oscillation technique
C Ngo, S Spagnesi, C Munoz, S Lehmann, T Vollmer, B Misgeld, ...
Biomedical Engineering/Biomedizinische Technik 63 (6), 673-681, 2018
Identification of respiratory parameters in frequency and time domain with forced oscillation technique
C Ngo, A Kube, K Krüger, T Vollmer, S Winter, S Leonhardt, B Misgeld
IFAC-PapersOnLine 48 (20), 177-182, 2015
Determination of the Geometric Parameters of Electrode Systems for Electrical Impedance Myography: A Preliminary Study
A Briko, V Kapravchuk, A Kobelev, A Tikhomirov, A Hammoud, ...
Sensors 22 (1), 97, 2022
Design and first operation of an active lower limb exoskeleton with parallel elastic actuation
B Penzlin, L Bergmann, Y Li, L Ji, S Leonhardt, C Ngo
Actuators 10 (4), 75, 2021
Linear affine lung mechanics model with emphasis on pleural dynamics.
C Ngo, B Misgeld, T Vollmer, S Winterand, S Leonhardt
Conceptual design, modeling and control of a rigid parallel serial-elastic actuator
B Penzlin, A Leipnitz, L Bergmann, Y Li, L Ji, S Leonhardt, C Ngo
at-Automatisierungstechnik 68 (6), 410-422, 2020
Implementation of LPV H∞ loop-shaping control for a variable stiffness actuator
L Bergmann, L Liu, N Pham, B Misgeld, S Leonhardt, C Ngo
IFAC-PapersOnLine 53 (2), 10129-10134, 2020
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