Sean William Fleming
Sean William Fleming
Oregon State University, University of British Columbia, US Department of Agriculture NRCS
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Glacier change in western North America: influences on hydrology, geomorphic hazards and water quality
RD Moore, SW Fleming, B Menounos, R Wheate, A Fountain, K Stahl, ...
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S O'Neel, E Hood, AL Bidlack, SW Fleming, ML Arimitsu, A Arendt, ...
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SW Fleming, RD Moore, GKC Clarke
International Journal of Climatology: A Journal of the Royal Meteorological …, 2006
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SW Fleming
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SW Fleming, GK Clarke
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Crustal structure beneath the central Oregon convergent margin from potential‐field modeling: Evidence for a buried basement ridge in local contact with a seaward dipping backstop
SW Fleming, AM Tréhu
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T Farahmand, SW Fleming, EJ Quilty
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Journal of hydrology 470, 36-54, 2012
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SW Fleming, HE Dahlke
Environmental Research Letters 9 (10), 104007, 2014
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