Christopher T Monk
Christopher T Monk
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Big-data approaches lead to an increased understanding of the ecology of animal movement
R Nathan, CT Monk, R Arlinghaus, T Adam, J Alós, M Assaf, H Baktoft, ...
Science 375 (6582), eabg1780, 2022
Understanding and managing freshwater recreational fisheries as complex adaptive social-ecological systems
R Arlinghaus, J Alós, B Beardmore, K Daedlow, M Dorow, M Fujitani, ...
Reviews in Fisheries Science & Aquaculture 25 (1), 1-41, 2017
Passive gear‐induced timidity syndrome in wild fish populations and its potential ecological and managerial implications
R Arlinghaus, KL Laskowski, J Alós, T Klefoth, CT Monk, S Nakayama, ...
Fish and Fisheries 18 (2), 360-373, 2017
What makes fish vulnerable to capture by hooks? A conceptual framework and a review of key determinants
RJ Lennox, J Alós, R Arlinghaus, A Horodysky, T Klefoth, CT Monk, ...
Fish and Fisheries 18 (5), 986-1010, 2017
Eurasian perch, Perca fluviatilis, spatial behaviour determines vulnerability independent of angler skill in a whole-lake reality mining experiment
CT Monk, R Arlinghaus
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 75, 417-428, 2018
Coordination of cytochrome c oxidase gene expression in the remodelling of skeletal muscle
AT Duggan, KM Kocha, CT Monk, K Bremer, CD Moyes
Journal of Experimental Biology 214 (11), 1880-1887, 2011
Transcriptional regulation of temperature-induced remodeling of muscle bioenergetics in goldfish
K Bremer, CT Monk, BJ Gurd, CD Moyes
American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative …, 2012
Ecosystem-based management outperforms species-focused stocking for enhancing fish populations
J Radinger, S Matern, T Klefoth, C Wolter, F Feldhege, CT Monk, ...
Science 379 (6635), 946-951, 2023
The battle between harvest and natural selection creates small and shy fish
CT Monk, D Bekkevold, T Klefoth, T Pagel, M Palmer, R Arlinghaus
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (9), e2009451118, 2021
How ecology shapes exploitation: a framework to predict the behavioural response of human and animal foragers along exploration–exploitation trade‐offs
CT Monk, M Barbier, P Romanczuk, JR Watson, J Alós, S Nakayama, ...
Ecology letters 21 (6), 779-793, 2018
Encountering a bait is necessary but insufficient to explain individual variability in vulnerability to angling in two freshwater benthivorous fish in the wild
CT Monk, R Arlinghaus
PLoS ONE 12 (3), e0173989, 2017
Consumptive tourism causes timidity, rather than boldness, syndromes: a response to Geffroy et al.
R Arlinghaus, J Alos, T Klefoth, K Laskowski, CT Monk, S Nakayama, ...
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 31 (2), 92-94, 2016
Behaviour in a standardized assay, but not metabolic or growth rate, predicts behavioural variation in an adult aquatic top predator Esox lucius in the wild
KL Laskowski, CT Monk, G Polverino, J Alós, S Nakayama, G Staaks, ...
Journal of Fish Biology 88 (4), 1544-1563, 2016
Feeding aquatic ecosystems: whole-lake experimental addition of angler’s ground bait strongly affects omnivorous fish despite low contribution to lake carbon budget
T Mehner, T Rapp, CT Monk, ME Beck, A Trudeau, M Kiljunen, S Hilt, ...
Ecosystems 22, 346-362, 2019
Experimental size‐selective harvesting affects behavioral types of a social fish
V Sbragaglia, J Alós, K Fromm, CT Monk, C Díaz‐Gil, S Uusi‐Heikkilä, ...
Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 148 (3), 552-568, 2019
Behavioural and fitness effects of translocation to a novel environment: Whole‐lake experiments in two aquatic top predators
CT Monk, B Chéret, P Czapla, D Hühn, T Klefoth, E Eschbach, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 89 (10), 2325-2344, 2020
Effects of hatchery rearing on Florida largemouth bass Micropterus floridanus resource allocation and performance under semi‐natural conditions
TM Garlock, CT Monk, K Lorenzen, MD Matthews, CM St Mary
Journal of Fish Biology 85 (6), 1830-1842, 2014
The effect of predation risk on group behaviour and information flow during repeated collective decisions
MJ Hansen, AL Burns, CT Monk, C Schutz, JT Lizier, I Ramnarine, ...
Animal Behaviour 173, 215-239, 2021
Environmental determinants of perch (Perca fluviatilis) growth in gravel pit lakes and the relative performance of simple versus complex ecological predictors
L Höhne, M Palmer, CT Monk, S Matern, R Nikolaus, A Trudeau, ...
Ecology of freshwater fish 29 (4), 557-573, 2020
Length-based assessment of an exploited coastal pike (Esox lucius) stock (Rügen, southern Baltic Sea) underscores the crucial relevance of growth and natural mortality for …
CJ Fitzgerald, JS Droll, S Shephard, CT Monk, T Rittweg, R Arlinghaus
Fisheries Research 263, 106667, 2023
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