Elisa Bandini
Elisa Bandini
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The zone of latent solutions and its relevance to understanding ape cultures
C Tennie, E Bandini, CP Van Schaik, LM Hopper
Biology & Philosophy 35, 1-42, 2020
Spontaneous reoccurrence of “scooping”, a wild tool-use behaviour, in naïve chimpanzees
E Bandini, C Tennie
PeerJ 5, e3814, 2017
Innovation in chimpanzees
E Bandini, RA Harrison
Biological Reviews 95 (5), 1167-1197, 2020
Examining the mechanisms underlying the acquisition of animal tool behaviour
E Bandini, A Motes-Rodrigo, MP Steele, C Rutz, C Tennie
Biology Letters 16 (6), 20200122, 2020
Naive, captive long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis fascicularis) fail to individually and socially learn pound-hammering, a tool-use behaviour
E Bandini, C Tennie
Royal Society open science 5 (5), 171826, 2018
Individual acquisition of “stick pounding” behavior by naïve chimpanzees
E Bandini, C Tennie
American Journal of Primatology 81 (6), e22987, 2019
The zone of latent solutions and its relation to the classics: Vygotsky and Köhler
E Reindl, E Bandini, C Tennie
Evolution of primate social cognition, 231-248, 2018
Exploring the role of individual learning in animal tool-use
E Bandini, C Tennie
PeerJ 8, e9877, 2020
Testing the individual and social learning abilities of task-naïve captive chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes sp.) in a nut-cracking task
D Neadle, E Bandini, C Tennie
PeerJ 8, e8734, 2020
Naïve orangutans (Pongo abelii and Pongo pygmaeus) individually acquire nut‐cracking using hammer tools
E Bandini, J Grossmann, M Funk, A Albiach‐Serrano, C Tennie
American Journal of Primatology 83 (9), e23304, 2021
Naïve, unenculturated chimpanzees fail to make and use flaked stone tools
E Bandini, A Motes-Rodrigo, W Archer, T Minchin, H Axelsen, ...
Open Research Europe 1, 2021
Examining the suitability of extant primates as models of hominin stone tool culture
E Bandini, RA Harrison, A Motes-Rodrigo
Humanities and Social Sciences Communications 9 (1), 1-18, 2022
A short report on the extent of stone handling behavior across otter species
E Bandini, M Bandini, C Tennie
Animal Behavior and Cognition, 8 (1), 15-22, 2021
Spontaneous reoccurrence of “scooping”, a wild tool-use behaviour, in naïve chimpanzees. PeerJ 5: e3814
E Bandini, C Tennie
Clarifying Misconceptions of the Zone of Latent Solutions Hypothesis: A Response to Haidle and Schlaudt: Miriam Noël Haidle and Oliver Schlaudt: Where Does Cumulative Culture …
E Bandini, JS Reeves, WD Snyder, C Tennie
Biological Theory 16, 76-82, 2021
Implementing long‐term baselines into primate tool‐use studies
E Bandini
American Journal of Primatology 83 (1), e23224, 2021
Addressing misconceptions on Latent Solution tests. Comment on" Blind alleys and fruitful pathways in the comparative study of cultural cognition" by Andrew Whiten
E Bandini
Physics of Life Reviews 44, 64-66, 2023
On the individual learning of primate material culture
E Bandini
Universität Tübingen, 2018
Hominin Tool Evolution and Its (Surprising) Relation to Language Origins
RJ Planer, E Bandini, C Tennie
SocArXiv, 2023
A candidate culture-dependent form in apes, nut-cracking, can be individually learnt by naïve orangutans (Pongo abelii)
E Bandini, J Grossmann, AA Serrano, C Tennie
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