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Life cycle of the jellyfish Rhizostoma pulmo (Scyphozoa: Rhizostomeae) and its distribution, seasonality and inter-annual variability along the Catalan coast and the …
V Fuentes, I Straehler-Pohl, D Atienza, I Franco, U Tilves, M Gentile, ...
Marine Biology 158, 2247-2266, 2011
Life cycle of Carybdea marsupialis Linnaeus, 1758 (Cubozoa, Carybdeidae) reveals metamorphosis to be a modified strobilation
I Straehler-Pohl, G Jarms
Marine Biology 147, 1271-1277, 2005
Identification key for young ephyrae: a first step for early detection of jellyfish blooms
I Straehler-Pohl, G Jarms
Jellyfish Blooms: New Problems and Solutions, 3-21, 2010
Characterizations of juvenile stages of some semaeostome Scyphozoa (Cnidaria), with recognition of a new family (Phacellophoridae)
I Straehler-Pohl, CL Widmer, AC Morandini
Zootaxa 2741 (1), 1-37, 2011
Morphology and life cycle of Carybdea morandinii, sp. nov.(Cnidaria), a cubozoan with zooxanthellae and peculiar polyp anatomy
I Straehler-Pohl, G Jarms
Zootaxa 2755 (2), 36-56, 2011
World atlas of jellyfish
G Jarms, AC Morandini, A Schmidt-Rhaesa, O Giere, I Straehler-Pohl
Abhandlungen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins in Hamburg, 2019
Early Life History of Alatina cf. moseri Populations from Australia and Hawaii with Implications for Taxonomy (Cubozoa: Carybdeida, Alatinidae)
T Carrette, I Straehler-Pohl, J Seymour
PLoS One 9 (1), e84377, 2014
Die Phylogenie der Rhopaliophora (Scyphozoa und Cubozoa) und die Paraphylie der'Rhizostomeae'
I Straehler-Pohl
Staats-und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg Carl von Ossietzky, 2009
Succession of generations is still the general paradigm for scyphozoan life cycles
AC Morandini, A Schiariti, SN Stampar, MM Maronna, I Straehler-Pohl, ...
Bull Mar Sci 92 (3), 343-351, 2016
Sexual dimorphism in Tripedaliidae (Conant 1897)(Cnidaria, Cubozoa, Carybdeida)
I Straehler-Pohl, A Garm, AC Morandini
Zootaxa 3785 (4), 533-549, 2014
World atlas of jellyfish: Scyphozoa except Stauromedusae
G Jarms, AC Morandini, A Schmidt-Rhaesa, O Giere, I Straehler-Pohl
Abhandlungen und Verhandlungen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins in Hamburg, 2019
Revision of the genus Carybdea (Cnidaria: Cubozoa: Carybdeidae): clarifying the identity of its type species Carybdea marsupialis
MJ Acevedo, I Straehler-Pohl, AC Morandini, SN Stampar, B Bentlage, ...
Zootaxa 4543 (4), 515–548-515–548, 2019
Cubozoa and Scyphozoa: The results of 20 years of scyphozoan life cycle research with new results on cubozoan life cycles to suggest a new nomenclature referring to both classes
I Straehler-Pohl
Frontiers in ecological studies of jellyfish.(eds Toyokawa M, Miyake H …, 2017
Carybdea morandinii—New investigations on its life cycle reveal its true genus: Carybdea morandinii Straehler-Pohl & Jarms, 2011 becomes Alatina morandinii (Straehler-Pohl …
I Straehler-Pohl, S Toshino
Plankton and Benthos Research 10 (4), 167-177, 2015
Critical evaluation of characters for species identification in the cubomedusa genus Malo (Cnidaria, Cubozoa, Carybdeida, Carukiidae)
I Straehler-Pohl
Plankton and Benthos Research 9 (2), 83-98, 2014
Recognition of the Californian cubozoan population as a new species—Carybdea confusa n. sp.(Cnidaria, Cubozoa, Carybdeida)
I Straehler-Pohl, GI Matsumoto, MJ Acevedo
Plankton and Benthos Research 12 (2), 129-138, 2017
Verwandtschaft dreier Cubozoenarten (Tripedalia cystophora, Carybdea marsupialis und eine unbekannte Art der Cubozoa) aufgrund von Unterschieden in Morphologie, Lebenscyclus …
I Straehler-Pohl
Rediscovery and description of the cubomedusa Alatina grandis (Agassiz & Mayer, 1902)(Cnidaria: Cubozoa: Alatinidae) from Pakistani waters
I Straehler-Pohl, S Gul
Plankton and Benthos Research 12 (1), 1-14, 2017
Biology of the box jellyfish Carybdea sivickisi at Akajima
I Straehler-Pohl
Midoriishi 22, 8-13, 2011
Early life history and metamorphosis in Malo maxima Gershwin, 2005 (Carukiidae, Cubozoa, Cnidaria)
AH Underwood, I Straehler-Pohl, TJ Carrette, J Sleeman, JE Seymour
Plankton and Benthos Research 13 (4), 143-153, 2018
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