Wei Terry Chen
Wei Terry Chen
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Late Paleoproterozoic sedimentary and mafic rocks in the Hekou area, SW China: Implication for the reconstruction of the Yangtze Block in Columbia
WT Chen, MF Zhou, XF Zhao
Precambrian Research 231, 61-77, 2013
Two stages of immiscible liquid separation in the formation of Panzhihua-type Fe-Ti-V oxide deposits, SW China
MF Zhou, WT Chen, CY Wang, SA Prevec, PP Liu, GH Howarth
Geoscience Frontiers 4 (5), 481-502, 2013
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Reviews and new metallogenic models of mineral deposits in South China: An introduction
RZ Hu, WT Chen, DR Xu, MF Zhou
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WT Chen, WH Sun, W Wang, JH Zhao, MF Zhou
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Paragenesis, stable isotopes, and molybdenite Re-Os isotope age of the Lala iron-copper deposit, southwest China
WT Chen, MF Zhou
Economic Geology 107 (3), 459-480, 2012
Late Paleoproterozoic to Mesoproterozoic rift successions in SW China: implication for the Yangtze Block–North Australia–Northwest Laurentia connection in the Columbia …
W Wang, MF Zhou, XF Zhao, WT Chen, DP Yan
Sedimentary Geology 309, 33-47, 2014
In-situ LA-ICP-MS trace elemental analyses of magnetite: Fe–Ti–(V) oxide-bearing mafic–ultramafic layered intrusions of the Emeishan Large Igneous Province, SW China
PP Liu, MF Zhou, WT Chen, JF Gao, XW Huang
Ore Geology Reviews 65, 853-871, 2015
In-situ LA–ICP-MS trace elemental analyses of magnetite: The late Palaeoproterozoic Sokoman Iron Formation in the Labrador Trough, Canada
D Chung, MF Zhou, JF Gao, WT Chen
Ore Geology Reviews 65, 917-928, 2015
Petrogenesis and tectonic implications of the Triassic volcanic rocks in the northern Yidun Terrane, Eastern Tibet
BQ Wang, MF Zhou, WT Chen, JF Gao, DP Yan
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WT Chen, MF Zhou, JF Gao, R Hu
Mineralium Deposita 50, 795-809, 2015
Slab break-off triggered lithosphere-asthenosphere interaction at a convergent margin: The Neoproterozoic bimodal magmatism in NW India
W Wang, MK Pandit, JH Zhao, WT Chen, JP Zheng
Lithos 296, 281-296, 2018
Zircon U–Pb age and Hf isotope evidence for an Eoarchaean crustal remnant and episodic crustal reworking in response to supercontinent cycles in NW India
W Wang, PA Cawood, MK Pandit, MF Zhou, WT Chen
Journal of the Geological Society 174 (4), 759-772, 2017
Constraints of detrital zircon U–Pb ages and Hf isotopes on the provenance of the Triassic Yidun Group and tectonic evolution of the Yidun Terrane, Eastern Tibet
BQ Wang, W Wang, WT Chen, JF Gao, XF Zhao, DP Yan, MF Zhou
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Ca. 1050 Ma intra-continental rift-related A-type felsic rocks in the southwestern Yangtze Block, South China
WT Chen, WH Sun, MF Zhou, W Wang
Precambrian Research, 2018
Molybdenite Re-Os age and zircon U-Pb age and Hf isotope geochemistry of the Qiyugou gold system, Henan Province
Y Junming, Z Taiping, L Jing, S Yali, Y Zhenlei, C Wei, H Jun
Acta Petrologica Sinica 25 (2), 374-384, 2009
Using multiphase solid inclusions to constrain the origin of the Baima Fe–Ti–(V) oxide deposit, SW China
PP Liu, MF Zhou, WT Chen, M Boone, V Cnudde
Journal of Petrology 55 (5), 951-976, 2014
Differentiation of nelsonitic magmas in the formation of the~ 1.74 Ga Damiao Fe–Ti–P ore deposit, North China
WT Chen, MF Zhou, TP Zhao
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 165, 1341-1362, 2013
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