Wentao Zhang (张文涛)
Wentao Zhang (张文涛)
Mila - Quebec AI Institute
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Graph neural networks in recommender systems: a survey
S Wu, F Sun, W Zhang, X Xie, B Cui
ACM Computing Surveys 55 (5), 1-37, 2022
Diffusion models: A comprehensive survey of methods and applications
L Yang, Z Zhang, Y Song, S Hong, R Xu, Y Zhao, Y Shao, W Zhang, B Cui, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2209.00796, 2022
Reliable data distillation on graph convolutional network
W Zhang, X Miao, Y Shao, J Jiang, L Chen, O Ruas, B Cui
ACM SIGMOD 2020, 1399-1414, 2020
Graph attention multi-layer perceptron
W Zhang, Z Yin, Z Sheng, Y Li, W Ouyang, X Li, Y Tao, Z Yang, B Cui
ACM SIGKDD 2022, 2022
OpenBox: A Generalized Black-box Optimization Service
Y Li, Y Shen, W Zhang, Y Chen, H Jiang, M Liu, J Jiang, J Gao, W Wu, ...
ACM SIGKDD 2021, 2021
Snapshot boosting: a fast ensemble framework for deep neural networks
W Zhang, J Jiang, Y Shao, B Cui
Science China Information Sciences 63, 1-12, 2020
Model Degradation Hinders Deep Graph Neural Networks
W Zhang, Z Sheng, Z Yin, Y Jiang, Y Xia, J Gao, Z Yang, B Cui
ACM SIGKDD 2022, 2022
DeGNN: Improving Graph Neural Networks with Graph Decomposition
X Miao*, NM Gürel*, W Zhang*, Z Han, B Li, W Min, SX Rao, H Ren, ...
ACM SIGKDD 2021, 1223-1233, 2021
VolcanoML: Speeding up End-to-End AutoML via Scalable Search Space Decomposition
Y Li, Y Shen, W Zhang, J Jiang, B Ding, Y Li, J Zhou, Z Yang, W Wu, ...
VLDB 2021, 2021
Node Dependent Local Smoothing for Scalable Graph Learning
W Zhang, M Yang, Z Sheng, Y Li, W Ouyang, Y Tao, Z Yang, B Cui
NeurIPS 2021, Spotlight Paper (Acceptance Rate < 3%), 2021
ROD: reception-aware online distillation for sparse graphs
W Zhang, Y Jiang, Y Li, Z Sheng, Y Shen, X Miao, L Wang, Z Yang, B Cui
ACM SIGKDD 2021, 2232-2242, 2021
Lasagne: A multi-layer graph convolutional network framework via node-aware deep architecture
X Miao*, W Zhang*, Y Shao, B Cui, L Chen, C Zhang, J Jiang
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 2021, 2021
PaSca: a Graph Neural Architecture Search System under the Scalable Paradigm
W Zhang, Y Shen, Z Lin, Y Li, X Li, W Ouyang, Y Tao, Z Yang, B Cui
WWW 2022, Best Student Paper Award, 2022
Grain: Improving Data Efficiency of Graph Neural Networks via Diversified Influence Maximization
W Zhang, Z Yang, Y Wang, Y Shen, Y Li, L Wang, B Cui
VLDB 2021, 2021
Efficient diversity-driven ensemble for deep neural networks
W Zhang, J Jiang, Y Shao, B Cui
ICDE 2020, 73-84, 2020
Hyper-Tune: Towards Efficient Hyper-parameter Tuning at Scale
Y Li, Y Shen, H Jiang, W Zhang, J Li, J Liu, C Zhang, B Cui
VLDB 2022, 2022
ProxyBO: Accelerating Neural Architecture Search via Bayesian Optimization with Zero-cost Proxies
Y Shen, Y Li, J Zheng, W Zhang, P Yao, J Li, S Yang, J Liu, B Cui
AAAI 2023, 2021
Alg: Fast and accurate active learning framework for graph convolutional networks
W Zhang, Y Shen, Y Li, L Chen, Z Yang, B Cui
ACM SIGMOD 2021, 2366-2374, 2021
ZOOMER: Boosting Retrieval on Web-scale Graphs by Regions of Interest
Y Jiang, Y Cheng, H Zhao, W Zhang, X Miao, Y He, L Wang, Z Yang, ...
ICDE 2022, 2022
Diffusion-Based Scene Graph to Image Generation with Masked Contrastive Pre-Training
L Yang, Z Huang, Y Song, S Hong, G Li, W Zhang, B Cui, B Ghanem, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2211.11138, 2022
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