Lars Gustafsson
Lars Gustafsson
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Large–scale geographical variation confirms that climate change causes birds to lay earlier
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The costs of reproduction in the collared flycatcher Ficedula albicollis
L Gustafsson, WJ Sutherland
Nature 335 (6193), 813-815, 1988
Infectious diseases, reproductive effort and the cost of reproduction in birds
L Gustafsson, D Nordling, MS Andersson, BC Sheldon, A Qvarnström
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B …, 1994
Reproductive effort reduces specific immune response and parasite resistance
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Sex ratio adjustment in relation to paternal attractiveness in a wild bird population.
H Ellegren, L Gustafsson, BC Sheldon
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 93 (21), 11723-11728, 1996
Trade-offs between life-history traits and a secondary sexual character in male collared flycatchers
L Gustafsson, A Qvarnström, BC Sheldon
Nature 375 (6529), 311-313, 1995
Senescence rates are determined by ranking on the fast–slow life‐history continuum
OR Jones, JM Gaillard, S Tuljapurkar, JS Alho, KB Armitage, PH Becker, ...
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Paternal genetic contribution to offspring condition predicted by size of male secondary sexual character
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The design of artificial nestboxes for the study of secondary hole-nesting birds: a review of methodological inconsistencies and potential biases
MM Lambrechts, F Adriaensen, DR Ardia, AV Artemyev, F Atiénzar, ...
Acta Ornithologica 45 (1), 1-26, 2010
Hybridization and adaptive mate choice in flycatchers
T Veen, T Borge, SC Griffith, GP Saetre, S Bures, L Gustafsson, ...
Nature 411 (6833), 45-50, 2001
Lifetime reproductive success and heritability: empirical support for Fisher's fundamental theorem
L Gustafsson
The American Naturalist 128 (5), 761-764, 1986
Why do young passerine birds have shorter wings than older birds?
RV Alatalo, L Gustafsson, A Lundbkrg
Ibis 126 (3), 410-415, 1984
Selection on fledging mass in the collared flycatcher and the great tit
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Breeding dispersal in the collared flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis): possible causes and reproductive consequences
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Sex chromosome-linked species recognition and evolution of reproductive isolation in flycatchers
SA Sæther, GP Sætre, T Borge, C Wiley, N Svedin, G Andersson, T Veen, ...
science 318 (5847), 95-97, 2007
Acceleration of senescence in the collared flycatcher Ficedula albicollis by reproductive costs
L Gustafsson, T Pärt
Nature 347 (6290), 279-281, 1990
Testing the genetics underlying the co-evolution of mate choice and ornament in the wild
A Qvarnström, JE Brommer, L Gustafsson
Nature 441 (7089), 84-86, 2006
Availability and use of public information and conspecific density for settlement decisions in the collared flycatcher
B Doligez, T Pärt, E Danchin, J Clobert, L Gustafsson
Journal of Animal Ecology 73 (1), 75-87, 2004
The use of conspecific reproductive success for breeding habitat selection in a non‐colonial, hole‐nesting species, the collared flycatcher
B Doligez, E Danchin, J Clobert, L Gustafsson
Journal of animal ecology 68 (6), 1193-1206, 1999
Phenotypic selection on heritable size traits: environmental variance and genetic response
RV Alatalo, L Gustafsson, A Lundberg
The American Naturalist 135 (3), 464-471, 1990
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