William Shotyk
William Shotyk
Bocock Chair for Agriculture and the Environment, University of Alberta
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History of Atmospheric Lead Deposition Since 12,370 14C yr BP from a Peat Bog, Jura Mountains, Switzerland
W Shotyk, D Weiss, PG Appleby, AK Cheburkin, R Frei, M Gloor, ...
Science 281 (5383), 1635-1640, 1998
Mercury in a Spanish peat bog: archive of climate change and atmospheric metal deposition
A Martınez-Cortizas, X Pontevedra-Pombal, E Garcıa-Rodeja, ...
Science 284 (5416), 939-942, 1999
Critical examination of trace element enrichments and depletions in soils: As, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb, and Zn in Swiss forest soils
P Blaser, S Zimmermann, J Luster, W Shotyk
Science of the Total Environment 249 (1-3), 257-280, 2000
Review of the inorganic geochemistry of peats and peatland waters
W Shotyk
Earth-Science Reviews 25 (2), 95-176, 1988
A record of Late Pleistocene and Holocene carbon accumulation and climate change from an equatorial peat bog (Kalimantan, Indonesia): implications for past, present and future …
SE Page, RAJ Wűst, D Weiss, JO Rieley, W Shotyk, SH Limin
Journal of Quaternary Science 19 (7), 625-635, 2004
Two thousand years of atmospheric arsenic, antimony, and lead deposition recorded in an ombrotrophic peat bog profile, Jura Mountains, Switzerland
W Shotyk, AK Cheburkin, PG Appleby, A Fankhauser, JD Kramers
Earth and planetary science letters 145 (1-4), E1-E7, 1996
Geochemistry of the peat bog at Etang de la Gruère, Jura Mountains, Switzerland, and its record of atmospheric Pb and lithogenic trace metals (Sc, Ti, Y, Zr, and REE) since 12 …
W Shotyk, D Weiss, JD Kramers, R Frei, AK Cheburkin, M Gloor, S Reese
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 65 (14), 2337-2360, 2001
9000 years of geochemical evolution of lithogenic major and trace elements in the sediment of an alpine lake–the role of climate, vegetation, and land-use history
KA Koinig, W Shotyk, AF Lotter, C Ohlendorf, M Sturm
Journal of paleolimnology 30, 307-320, 2003
Atmospheric Pb deposition since the industrial revolution recorded by five Swiss peat profiles: enrichment factors, fluxes, isotopic composition, and sources
D Weiss, W Shotyk, PG Appleby, JD Kramers, AK Cheburkin
Environmental Science & Technology 33 (9), 1340-1352, 1999
Contamination of Canadian and European bottled waters with antimony from PET containers
W Shotyk, M Krachler, B Chen
Journal of environmental monitoring 8 (2), 288-292, 2006
Peat bog archives of atmospheric metal deposition: geochemical evaluation of peat profiles, natural variations in metal concentrations, and metal enrichment factors
W Shotyk
Environmental Reviews 4 (2), 149-183, 1996
Contamination of bottled waters with antimony leaching from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) increases upon storage
W Shotyk, M Krachler
Environmental science & technology 41 (5), 1560-1563, 2007
Anthropogenic contributions to atmospheric Hg, Pb and As accumulation recorded by peat cores from southern Greenland and Denmark dated using the 14C “bomb pulse curve”
W Shotyk, ME Goodsite, F Roos-Barraclough, R Frei, J Heinemeier, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 67 (21), 3991-4011, 2003
Characterization of solid and aqueous phases of a peat bog profile using molecular fluorescence spectroscopy, ESR and FT-IR, and comparison with physical properties
C Cocozza, V D'Orazio, TM Miano, W Shotyk
Organic Geochemistry 34 (1), 49-60, 2003
A new approach for quantifying cumulative, anthropogenic, atmospheric lead deposition using peat cores from bogs: Pb in eight Swiss peat bog profiles
W Shotyk, P Blaser, A Grünig, AK Cheburkin
Science of the Total Environment 249 (1-3), 281-295, 2000
A peat bog record of natural, pre-anthropogenic enrichments of trace elements in atmospheric aerosols since 12 370 14C yr BP, and their variation with Holocene climate change
W Shotyk, M Krachler, A Martinez-Cortizas, AK Cheburkin, H Emons
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 199 (1-2), 21-37, 2002
The geochemistry of major and selected trace elements in a forested peat bog, Kalimantan, SE Asia, and its implications for past atmospheric dust deposition
D Weiss, W Shotyk, J Rieley, S Page, M Gloor, S Reese, ...
Geochimica et cosmochimica acta 66 (13), 2307-2323, 2002
An energy-dispersive miniprobe multielement analyzer (EMMA) for direct analysis of Pb and other trace elements in peats
AK Cheburkin, W Shotyk
Fresenius' journal of analytical chemistry 354, 688-691, 1996
Extraordinary human energy consumption and resultant geological impacts beginning around 1950 CE initiated the proposed Anthropocene Epoch
J Syvitski, CN Waters, J Day, JD Milliman, C Summerhayes, W Steffen, ...
Communications Earth & Environment 1 (1), 32, 2020
Increasing atmospheric antimony contamination in the northern hemisphere: snow and ice evidence from Devon Island, Arctic Canada
M Krachler, J Zheng, R Koerner, C Zdanowicz, D Fisher, W Shotyk
Journal of Environmental Monitoring 7 (12), 1169-1176, 2005
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