Sunil Aryal, PhD, FHEA
Sunil Aryal, PhD, FHEA
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Improving iForest with Relative Mass
S Aryal, KM Ting, JR Wells, T Washio
Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining 8444, 510-521, 2014
Defying the gravity of learning curve: a characteristic of nearest neighbour anomaly detectors
KM Ting, T Washio, JR Wells, S Aryal
Machine Learning 106 (1), 55-91, 2017
Levels of explainable artificial intelligence for human-aligned conversational explanations
R Dazeley, P Vamplew, C Foale, C Young, S Aryal, F Cruz
Artificial Intelligence 299, 103525, 2021
Data-dependent dissimilarity measure: an effective alternative to geometric distance measures
S Aryal, KM Ting, T Washio, G Haffari
Knowledge and Information Systems 53 (2), 479–506, 2017
Mp-dissimilarity: A data dependent dissimilarity measure
S Aryal, KM Ting, G Haffari, T Washio
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM), 707-712, 2014
Origin of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Computational Biology Study using Artificial Intelligence
TT Nguyen, M Abdelrazek, DT Nguyen, S Aryal, DT Nguyen, A Khatami
bioRxiv, 2020
Revisiting attribute independence assumption in probabilistic unsupervised anomaly detection
S Aryal, KM Ting, G Haffari
Pacific-Asia Workshop on Intelligence and Security Informatics, 73-86, 2016
DEMass: a new density estimator for big data
KM Ting, T Washio, JR Wells, FT Liu, S Aryal
Knowledge and Information Systems 35 (3), 493-524, 2013
Fusion of whole and part features for the classification of histopathological image of breast tissue
C Sitaula, S Aryal
Health Information Science and Systems 8 (1), 1-12, 2020
New bag of deep visual words based features to classify chest x-ray images for COVID-19 diagnosis
C Sitaula, S Aryal
Health information science and systems 9 (1), 1-12, 2021
HDF: Hybrid Deep Features for Scene Image Representation
C Sitaula, Y Xiang, A Basnet, S Aryal, X Lu
International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 1-8, 2020
A new simple and effective measure for bag-of-word inter-document similarity measurement
S Aryal, KM Ting, T Washio, G Haffari
arXiv preprint arXiv:1902.03402, 2019
Fusion of multi-scale bag of deep visual words features of chest X-ray images to detect COVID-19 infection
C Sitaula, TB Shahi, S Aryal, F Marzbanrad
Scientific reports 11 (1), 1-12, 2021
Indoor Image Representation by High-Level Semantic Features
C Sitaula, Y Xiang, Y Zhang, X Lu, S Aryal
IEEE Access 7, 84967 - 84979, 2019
Scene image representation by foreground, background and hybrid features
C Sitaula, Y Xiang, S Aryal, X Lu
Expert Systems with Applications 182, 115285, 2021
Unsupervised Deep Features for Privacy Image Classification
C Sitaula, Y Xiang, S Aryal, X Lu
Pacific-Rim Symposium on Image and Video Technology, 404-415, 2019
Content and context features for scene image representation
C Sitaula, S Aryal, Y Xiang, A Basnet, X Lu
Knowledge-Based Systems 232, 107470, 2021
Vector representation based on a supervised codebook for Nepali documents classification
C Sitaula, A Basnet, S Aryal
PeerJ Computer Science 7, e412, 2021
usfAD: a robust anomaly detector based on unsupervised stochastic forest
S Aryal, KC Santosh, R Dazeley
International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics, 1-14, 2021
Tag-Based Semantic Features for Scene Image Classification
C Sitaula, Y Xiang, A Basnet, S Aryal, X Lu
ICONIP 3, 90-102, 2019
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