Eric Gaucher
Eric Gaucher
Professor & Director of the School of Biology, Georgia State University
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Palaeotemperature trend for Precambrian life inferred from resurrected proteins
EA Gaucher, S Govindarajan, OK Ganesh
Nature 451 (7179), 704-707, 2008
Resurrecting ancestral alcohol dehydrogenases from yeast
JM Thomson, EA Gaucher, MF Burgan, DW De Kee, T Li, JP Aris, ...
Nature genetics 37 (6), 630-635, 2005
Evolutionary history and metabolic insights of ancient mammalian uricases
JT Kratzer, MA Lanaspa, MN Murphy, C Cicerchi, CL Graves, PA Tipton, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (10), 3763-3768, 2014
Inferring the palaeoenvironment of ancient bacteria on the basis of resurrected proteins
EA Gaucher, JM Thomson, MF Burgan, SA Benner
Nature 425 (6955), 285-288, 2003
Hyperstability and substrate promiscuity in laboratory resurrections of Precambrian β-lactamases
VA Risso, JA Gavira, DF Mejia-Carmona, EA Gaucher, JM Sanchez-Ruiz
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (8), 2899-2902, 2013
Single-molecule paleoenzymology probes the chemistry of resurrected enzymes
R Perez-Jimenez, A Inglés-Prieto, ZM Zhao, I Sanchez-Romero, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 18 (5), 592-596, 2011
Uric acid-dependent inhibition of AMP kinase induces hepatic glucose production in diabetes and starvation: evolutionary implications of the uricase loss in hominids
C Cicerchi, N Li, J Kratzer, G Garcia, CA Roncal-Jimenez, K Tanabe, ...
The FASEB Journal 28 (8), 3339, 2014
Predicting functional divergence in protein evolution by site-specific rate shifts
EA Gaucher, X Gu, MM Miyamoto, SA Benner
Trends in biochemical sciences 27 (6), 315-321, 2002
Uric acid: a danger signal from the RNA world that may have a role in the epidemic of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and cardiorenal disease: evolutionary considerations
RJ Johnson, MA Lanaspa, EA Gaucher
Seminars in nephrology 31 (5), 394-399, 2011
Planetary biology--paleontological, geological, and molecular histories of life
SA Benner, MD Caraco, JM Thomson, EA Gaucher
Science 296 (5569), 864-868, 2002
SIRE-1, a copia/Ty1-like retroelement from soybean, encodes a retroviral envelope-like protein
HM Laten, A Majumdar, EA Gaucher
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 95 (12), 6897-6902, 1998
Conservation of protein structure over four billion years
A Ingles-Prieto, B Ibarra-Molero, A Delgado-Delgado, R Perez-Jimenez, ...
Structure 21 (9), 1690-1697, 2013
Hydrophobic environment is a key factor for the stability of thermophilic proteins
MM Gromiha, MC Pathak, K Saraboji, EA Ortlund, EA Gaucher
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 81 (4), 715-721, 2013
Function–structure analysis of proteins using covarion-based evolutionary approaches: elongation factors
EA Gaucher, MM Miyamoto, SA Benner
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 98 (2), 548-552, 2001
The diverse biological functions of phosphatidylinositol transfer proteins in eukaryotes
SE Phillips, P Vincent, KE Rizzieri, G Schaaf, VA Bankaitis, EA Gaucher
Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology 41 (1), 21-49, 2006
The planetary biology of ascorbate and uric acid and their relationship with the epidemic of obesity and cardiovascular disease
RJ Johnson, EA Gaucher, YY Sautin, GN Henderson, AJ Angerhofer, ...
Medical hypotheses 71 (1), 22-31, 2008
Diversity of chemical mechanisms in thioredoxin catalysis revealed by single-molecule force spectroscopy
R Perez-Jimenez, J Li, P Kosuri, I Sanchez-Romero, AP Wiita, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 16 (8), 890-896, 2009
Secondary structure and domain architecture of the 23S and 5S rRNAs
AS Petrov, CR Bernier, E Hershkovits, Y Xue, CC Waterbury, C Hsiao, ...
Nucleic acids research 41 (15), 7522-7535, 2013
Reconstructed evolutionary adaptive paths give polymerases accepting reversible terminators for sequencing and SNP detection
F Chen, EA Gaucher, NA Leal, D Hutter, SA Havemann, S Govindarajan, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (5), 1948-1953, 2010
Enhancing the pharmaceutical properties of protein drugs by ancestral sequence reconstruction
PM Zakas, HC Brown, K Knight, SL Meeks, HT Spencer, EA Gaucher, ...
Nature biotechnology 35 (1), 35-37, 2017
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