Brian O. Bachmann
Brian O. Bachmann
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Vanderbilt University
Потвърден имейл адрес: vanderbilt.edu
Methods for in silico prediction of microbial polyketide and nonribosomal peptide biosynthetic pathways from DNA sequence data
BO Bachmann, J Ravel
Methods in enzymology 458, 181-217, 2009
A genomics-guided approach for discovering and expressing cryptic metabolic pathways
E Zazopoulos, K Huang, A Staffa, W Liu, BO Bachmann, K Nonaka, ...
Nature biotechnology 21 (2), 187-190, 2003
The calicheamicin gene cluster and its iterative type I enediyne PKS
J Ahlert, E Shepard, N Lomovskaya, E Zazopoulos, A Staffa, ...
Science 297 (5584), 1173-1176, 2002
Microbial genome mining for accelerated natural products discovery: is a renaissance in the making?
BO Bachmann, SG Van Lanen, RH Baltz
Journal of industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology 41 (2), 175-184, 2014
Microbial genomics as a guide to drug discovery and structural elucidation: ECO-02301, a novel antifungal agent, as an example
JB McAlpine, BO Bachmann, M Piraee, S Tremblay, AM Alarco, ...
Journal of natural products 68 (4), 493-496, 2005
Spectroscopic studies of substrate interactions with clavaminate synthase 2, a multifunctional α-KG-dependent non-heme iron enzyme: Correlation with mechanisms and reactivities
J Zhou, WL Kelly, BO Bachmann, M Gunsior, CA Townsend, EI Solomon
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The IsdG‐family of haem oxygenases degrades haem to a novel chromophore
ML Reniere, GN Ukpabi, SR Harry, DF Stec, R Krull, DW Wright, ...
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BO Bachmann, R Li, CA Townsend
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BC Covington, JA McLean, BO Bachmann
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Y Hu, V Phelan, I Ntai, CM Farnet, E Zazopoulos, BO Bachmann
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Substrate binding to the α-ketoglutarate-dependent non-heme iron enzyme clavaminate synthase 2: coupling mechanism of oxidative decarboxylation and hydroxylation
J Zhou, M Gunsior, BO Bachmann, CA Townsend, EI Solomon
Journal of the American Chemical Society 120 (51), 13539-13540, 1998
Antimicrobial drug resistance affects broad changes in metabolomic phenotype in addition to secondary metabolism
DK Derewacz, CR Goodwin, CR McNees, JA McLean, BO Bachmann
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7-Alkylidenecephalosporin esters as inhibitors of human leukocyte elastase
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DK Derewacz, BC Covington, JA McLean, BO Bachmann
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MT Miller, BO Bachmann, CA Townsend, AC Rosenzweig
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Synthesis and biological activity of 7-alkylidenecephems
JD Buynak, K Wu, B Bachmann, D Khasnis, L Hua, HK Nguyen, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 38 (6), 1022-1034, 1995
Bioactive oligosaccharide natural products
EK McCranie, BO Bachmann
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Lipophilic mediated assays for β-hematin inhibitors
MD Carter, VV Phelan, RD Sandlin, BO Bachmann, DW Wright
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Assessing directed evolution methods for the generation of biosynthetic enzymes with potential in drug biosynthesis
DP Nannemann, WR Birmingham, RA Scism, BO Bachmann
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The catalytic cycle of β-lactam synthetase observed by x-ray crystallographic snapshots
MT Miller, BO Bachmann, CA Townsend, AC Rosenzweig
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 99 (23), 14752-14757, 2002
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