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Glòria Carrasco-Turigas
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Natural outdoor environments and mental health: Stress as a possible mechanism
M Triguero-Mas, D Donaire-Gonzalez, E Seto, A Valentín, D Martínez, ...
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Validating novel air pollution sensors to improve exposure estimates for epidemiological analyses and citizen science
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Wearable sensors for personal monitoring and estimation of inhaled traffic-related air pollution: evaluation of methods
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Short-term effects of physical activity, air pollution and their interaction on the cardiovascular and respiratory system
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Black carbon reduces the beneficial effect of physical activity on lung function
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Acute respiratory response to traffic-related air pollution during physical activity performance
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The effect of randomised exposure to different types of natural outdoor environments compared to exposure to an urban environment on people with indications of psychological …
M Triguero-Mas, CJ Gidlow, D Martínez, J De Bont, G Carrasco-Turigas, ...
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Concentrations and correlations of disinfection by-products in municipal drinking water from an exposure assessment perspective
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Physical and mental health effects of repeated short walks in a blue space environment: A randomised crossover study
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Physical activity and sedentary behaviour in daily life: A comparative analysis of the Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ) and the SenseWear armband
M Laeremans, E Dons, I Avila-Palencia, G Carrasco-Turigas, JP Orjuela, ...
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Transport most likely to cause air pollution peak exposures in everyday life: Evidence from over 2000 days of personal monitoring
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Short-term transcriptome and microRNAs responses to exposure to different air pollutants in two population studies
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Benefits of mobile phone technology for personal environmental monitoring
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Impact of a riverside accessibility intervention on use, physical activity, and wellbeing: A mixed methods pre-post evaluation
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Impact of short-term traffic-related air pollution on the metabolome–Results from two metabolome-wide experimental studies
K van Veldhoven, A Kiss, P Keski-Rahkonen, N Robinot, A Scalbert, ...
Environment international 123, 124-131, 2019
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