Jonathan J Hunt
Jonathan J Hunt
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Continuous control with deep reinforcement learning
TP Lillicrap, JJ Hunt, A Pritzel, N Heess, T Erez, Y Tassa, D Silver, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1509.02971, 2015
Deep reinforcement learning in large discrete action spaces
G Dulac-Arnold, R Evans, H van Hasselt, P Sunehag, T Lillicrap, J Hunt, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1512.07679, 2015
Successor features for transfer in reinforcement learning
A Barreto, W Dabney, R Munos, JJ Hunt, T Schaul, HP van Hasselt, ...
Advances in neural information processing systems 30, 2017
Memory-based control with recurrent neural networks
N Heess, JJ Hunt, TP Lillicrap, D Silver
arXiv preprint arXiv:1512.04455, 2015
Scaling memory-augmented neural networks with sparse reads and writes
J Rae, JJ Hunt, I Danihelka, T Harley, AW Senior, G Wayne, A Graves, ...
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 29, 2016
& Wierstra, D.(2015). Continuous control with deep reinforcement learning
TP Lillicrap, JJ Hunt, A Pritzel, N Heess, T Erez, Y Tassa
arXiv preprint arXiv:1509.02971, 0
Spiking neuron classifier apparatus and methods using conditionally independent subsets
JJ Hunt, O Sinyavskiy
US Patent 9,195,934, 2015
The Option Keyboard: Combining Skills in Reinforcement Learning
A Barreto, D Borsa, S Hou, G Comanici, E Aygün, P Hamel, D Toyama, ...
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 13031-13041, 2019
Sparse coding can predict primary visual cortex receptive field changes induced by abnormal visual input
JJ Hunt, P Dayan, GJ Goodhill
PLoS computational biology 9 (5), e1003005, 2013
Statistical structure of lateral connections in the primary visual cortex
JJ Hunt, WH Bosking, GJ Goodhill
Neural systems & circuits 1 (1), 1-12, 2011
On the simulation of enzymatic digest patterns: The fragmentation of oligomeric and polymeric galacturonides by endo-polygalacturonase II
JJ Hunt, R Cameron, MAK Williams
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-General Subjects 1760 (11), 1696-1703, 2006
Sparse coding on the spot: Spontaneous retinal waves suffice for orientation selectivity
JJ Hunt, M Ibbotson, GJ Goodhill
Neural computation 24 (9), 2422-2433, 2012
Apparatus and methods for developing parallel networks using a general purpose programming language
JJ Hunt, O Sinyavskiy
US Patent 9,330,356, 2016
Composing entropic policies using divergence correction
J Hunt, A Barreto, T Lillicrap, N Heess
International Conference on Machine Learning, 2911-2920, 2019
Natural scene statistics and the structure of orientation maps in the visual cortex
JJ Hunt, CE Giacomantonio, H Tang, D Mortimer, S Jaffer, V Vorobyov, ...
NeuroImage 47 (1), 157-172, 2009
Continuous control with deep reinforcement learning
Y Bengio, TP Lillicrap, JJ Hunt, A Pritzel, N Heess, T Erez, D Wierstra
Found. Trends R Mach. Learn 2, 1-127, 2009
The combinatorics of neurite self-avoidance
EM Forbes, JJ Hunt, GJ Goodhill
Neural computation 23 (11), 2746-2769, 2011
RecSys 2021 Challenge Workshop: Fairness-aware engagement prediction at scale on Twitter’s Home Timeline
VW Anelli, S Kalloori, B Ferwerda, L Belli, A Tejani, F Portman, ...
Fifteenth ACM Conference on Recommender Systems, 819-824, 2021
Physically embedded planning problems: New challenges for reinforcement learning
M Mirza, A Jaegle, JJ Hunt, A Guez, S Tunyasuvunakool, A Muldal, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2009.05524, 2020
The 2021 RecSys Challenge Dataset: Fairness is not optional
L Belli, A Tejani*, F Portman*, A Lung-Yut-Fong*, B Chamberlain, Y Xie, ...
RecSysChallenge'21: Proceedings of the Recommender Systems Challenge 2021, 1-6, 2021
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