Hongjiang Wei
Hongjiang Wei
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Streaking artifact reduction for quantitative susceptibility mapping of sources with large dynamic range
H Wei, R Dibb, Y Zhou, Y Sun, J Xu, N Wang, C Liu
NMR in Biomedicine 28 (10), 1294-1303, 2015
Quantitative susceptibility mapping: Report from the 2016 reconstruction challenge
C Langkammer, F Schweser, K Shmueli, C Kames, X Li, L Guo, C Milovic, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 79 (3), 1661-1673, 2018
Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping: Contrast Mechanisms and Clinical Applications
C Liu, H Wei, NJ Gong, M Cronin, R Dibb, K Decker
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Longitudinal Atlas for Normative Human Brain Development and Aging over the Lifespan using Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping
Y Zhang#, H Wei#, M Cronin, N He, F Yan, C Liu
Neuroimage, 2018
Exploring the origins of echo-time-dependent quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) measurements in healthy tissue and cerebral microbleeds
MJ Cronin, N Wang, KS Decker, H Wei, WZ Zhu, C Liu
Neuroimage 149, 98-113, 2017
In vivo free‐breathing DTI and IVIM of the whole human heart using a real‐time slice‐followed SE‐EPI navigator‐based sequence: A reproducibility study in healthy volunteers
K Moulin, P Croisille, T Feiweier, BMA Delattre, H Wei, B Robert, O Beuf, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 76 (1), 70-82, 2016
Investigating Magnetic Susceptibility of Human Knee Joint at 7 Tesla
H Wei, R Dibb, K Decker, N Wang, X Zong, W Lin, D Nissman, C Liu
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2017
In vivo cardiac diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging: quantification of normal perfusion and diffusion coefficients with intravoxel incoherent motion imaging
BMA Delattre, M Viallon, H Wei, YM Zhu, T Feiweier, VM Pai, H Wen, ...
Investigative radiology 47 (11), 662, 2012
Free-breathing diffusion tensor imaging and tractography of the human heart in healthy volunteers using wavelet-based image fusion
H Wei, M Viallon, BMA Delattre, K Moulin, F Yang, P Croisille, Y Zhu
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 34 (1), 306-316, 2014
Multi-atlas tool for automated segmentation of brain gray matter nuclei and quantification of their magnetic susceptibility
X Li, L Chen, K Kutten, C Ceritoglu, Y Li, N Kang, JT Hsu, Y Qiao, H Wei, ...
Neuroimage 191, 337-349, 2019
Magnetic susceptibility of brain iron is associated with childhood spatial IQ
KLH Carpenter, W Li, H Wei, B Wu, X Xiao, C Liu, G Worley, HL Egger
NeuroImage 132, 167-174, 2016
Imaging whole-brain cytoarchitecture of mouse with MRI-based quantitative susceptibility mapping
H Wei, L Xie, R Dibb, W Li, K Decker, Y Zhang, GA Johnson, C Liu
Neuroimage 137, 107-115, 2016
Learning-based Single-step Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping Reconstruction Without Brain Extraction
H Wei, S Cao, Y Zhang, X Guan, F Yan, KW Yeom, C Liu
Neuroimage, 2019
Joint 2D and 3D phase processing for quantitative susceptibility mapping: application to 2D echo‐planar imaging
H Wei, Y Zhang, E Gibbs, NK Chen, N Wang, C Liu
NMR in Biomedicine 30 (4), e3501, 2017
Susceptibility tensor imaging and tractography of collagen fibrils in the articular cartilage
H Wei, E Gibbs, P Zhao, N Wang, GP Cofer, Y Zhang, GA Johnson, C Liu
Magnetic resonance in medicine 78 (5), 1683-1690, 2017
Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping in Combination with Water-Fat Separation for Simultaneous Liver Iron and Fat Fraction Quantification
H Lin#, H Wei#, N He, C Fu, C Liu, F Yan
European Radiology, 2018
Assessment of cardiac motion effects on the fiber architecture of the human heart in vivo
H Wei, M Viallon, BMA Delattre, L Wang, VM Pai, H Wen, H Xue, ...
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 32 (10), 1928-1938, 2013
Iron-related nigral degeneration influences functional topology mediated by striatal dysfunction in Parkinson's disease
X Guan, Y Zhang, H Wei, T Guo, Q Zeng, C Zhou, J Wang, T Gao, M Xuan, ...
Neurobiology of Aging 75, 83-97, 2019
Quantitative susceptibility mapping as a biomarker for evaluating white matter alterations in Parkinson’s disease
X Guan, P Huang, Q Zeng, C Liu, H Wei, M Xuan, Q Gu, X Xu, N Wang, ...
Brain imaging and behavior 13, 220-231, 2019
Neonate and infant brain development from birth to 2 years assessed using MRI-based quantitative susceptibility mapping
Y Zhang, J Shi, H Wei, V Han, WZ Zhu, C Liu
Neuroimage 185, 349-360, 2019
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