Pavel Aseev
Pavel Aseev
Microsoft Quantum Lab Delft
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Selectivity map for molecular beam epitaxy of advanced III–V quantum nanowire networks
P Aseev, A Fursina, F Boekhout, F Krizek, JE Sestoft, F Borsoi, S Heedt, ...
Nano letters 19 (1), 218-227, 2018
Field effect enhancement in buffered quantum nanowire networks
F Krizek, JE Sestoft, P Aseev, S Marti-Sanchez, S Vaitiekėnas, L Casparis, ...
Physical review materials 2 (9), 093401, 2018
Control of threading dislocation density at the initial growth stage of AlN on c-sapphire in plasma-assisted MBE
DV Nechaev, PA Aseev, VN Jmerik, PN Brunkov, YV Kuznetsova, ...
Journal of crystal growth 378, 319-322, 2013
InN/InGaN quantum dot photoelectrode: Efficient hydrogen generation by water splitting at zero voltage
NH Alvi, PED Soto Rodriguez, P Aseev, VJ Gómez, W ul Hassan, ...
Nano Energy 13, 291-297, 2015
Growth of thick AlN epilayers with droplet-free and atomically smooth surface by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy using laser reflectometry monitoring
VN Jmerik, AM Mizerov, DV Nechaev, PA Aseev, AA Sitnikova, ...
Journal of crystal growth 354 (1), 188-192, 2012
Near-infrared emitting In-rich InGaN layers grown directly on Si: Towards the whole composition range
P Aseev, PED Rodriguez, VJ Gómez, JM Mánuel, FM Morales, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (7), 2015
Shadow-wall lithography of ballistic superconductor–semiconductor quantum devices
S Heedt, M Quintero-Pérez, F Borsoi, A Fursina, N van Loo, GP Mazur, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 4914, 2021
Photoelectrochemical water splitting and hydrogen generation by a spontaneously formed InGaN nanowall network
NH Alvi, PED Soto Rodriguez, P Kumar, VJ Gómez, P Aseev, AH Alvi, ...
Applied Physics Letters 104 (22), 223104, 2014
Ballistic InSb nanowires and networks via metal-sown selective area growth
P Aseev, G Wang, L Binci, A Singh, S Martí-Sánchez, M Botifoll, LJ Stek, ...
Nano letters 19 (12), 9102-9111, 2019
Uniform low-to-high in composition InGaN layers grown on Si
P Aseev, PEDS Rodriguez, P Kumar, VJ Gómez, JM Mánuel, FM Morales, ...
Applied Physics Express 6 (11), 115503, 2013
Improving optical performance of GaN nanowires grown by selective area growth homoepitaxy: Influence of substrate and nanowire dimensions
P Aseev, Ž Gačević, A Torres-Pardo, JM González-Calbet, E Calleja
Applied Physics Letters 108 (25), 253109, 2016
Stranski-Krastanov InN/InGaN quantum dots grown directly on Si (111)
PED Soto Rodriguez, P Aseev, VJ Gómez, P Kumar, N Ul Hassan Alvi, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (2), 023105, 2015
Electrocatalytic oxidation enhancement at the surface of InGaN films and nanostructures grown directly on Si (111)
PEDS Rodriguez, VC Nash, P Aseev, VJ Gómez, P Kumar, NUH Alvi, ...
Electrochemistry Communications 60, 158-162, 2015
Comparative study of single InGaN layers grown on Si (111) and GaN (0001) templates: The role of surface wetting and epitaxial constraint
VJ Gómez, Ž Gačević, PED Soto-Rodríguez, P Aseev, R Nötzel, E Calleja, ...
Journal of Crystal Growth 447, 48-54, 2016
Ivanov SV
VN Jmerik, AM Mizerov, DV Nechaev, PA Aseev, AA Sitnikova, ...
J. Cryst. Growth 2012, 354, 2012
Formation mechanisms of single-crystalline InN quantum dots fabricated via droplet epitaxy
P Aseev, Ž Gačević, JM Mánuel, JJ Jiménez, R García, FM Morales, ...
Journal of Crystal Growth 493, 65-75, 2018
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