Xianghong Luan
Xianghong Luan
Associate Professor, Oral Biology, UIC
Потвърден имейл адрес: uic.edu
Dentin phosphoprotein and dentin sialoprotein are cleavage products expressed from a single transcript coded by a gene on human chromosome 4: dentin phosphoprotein DNA sequence …
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Genomic organization, chromosomal mapping, and promoter analysis of the mouse dentin sialophosphoprotein (Dspp) gene, which codes for both dentin sialoprotein and dentin …
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Recent advances in periodontal regeneration: A biomaterial perspective
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Triple PLGA/PCL scaffold modification including silver impregnation, collagen coating, and electrospinning significantly improve biocompatibility, antimicrobial, and osteogenic …
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Modulation of antioxidant enzymes and programmed cell death by n‐3 fatty acids
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MicroRNAs and periodontal homeostasis
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RANKL, osteopontin, and osteoclast homeostasis in a hyperocclusion mouse model
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The mosasaur tooth attachment apparatus as paradigm for the evolution of the gnathostome periodontium
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SCF promotes dental pulp progenitor migration, neovascularization, and collagen remodeling–potential applications as a homing factor in dental pulp regeneration
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Neural crest lineage segregation: a blueprint for periodontal regeneration
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microRNA-21 and microRNA-375 from oral cytology as biomarkers for oral tongue cancer detection
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Cyclic stretch and compression forces alter microRNA-29 expression of human periodontal ligament cells
Y Chen, A Mohammed, M Oubaidin, CA Evans, X Zhou, X Luan, ...
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Epigenetic marks define the lineage and differentiation potential of two distinct neural crest-derived intermediate odontogenic progenitor populations
G Gopinathan, A Kolokythas, X Luan, TGH Diekwisch
Stem Cells and Development 22 (12), 1763-1778, 2013
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