Maria Claudia Gross
Maria Claudia Gross
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Variability of 18S rDNA locus among Symphysodon fishes: chromosomal rearrangements
MC Gross, CH Schneider, GT Valente, C Martins, E Feldberg
Journal of Fish Biology 76 (5), 1117-1127, 2010
Comparative cytogenetic analysis of the genus Symphysodon (Discus Fishes, Cichlidae): chromosomal characteristics of retrotransposons and minor ribosomal DNA
MC Gross, CH Schneider, GT Valente, JIR Porto, C Martins, E Feldberg
Cytogenetic and Genome Research 127 (1), 43-53, 2010
Astyanax aff. fasciatus Cuvier, 1819 (Teleostei; Characidae): evidences of a species complex in the upper rio Tibagi basin (Paraná, Brazil)
RF Artoni, OA Shibatta, MC Gross, CH Schneider, MC Almeida, MR Vicari, ...
Neotropical Ichthyology 4, 197-202, 2006
Chromosomal evolution of neotropical cichlids: the role of repetitive DNA sequences in the organization and structure of karyotype
CH Schneider, MC Gross, ML Terencio, RF Artoni, MR Vicari, C Martins, ...
Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 23, 201-214, 2013
Evolutionary dynamics of retrotransposable elements Rex1, Rex3 and Rex6 in neotropical cichlid genomes
CH Schneider, MC Gross, ML Terencio, EJ Do Carmo, C Martins, ...
BMC evolutionary biology 13, 1-15, 2013
Intriguing evidence of translocations in Discus fish (Symphysodon, Cichlidae) and a report of the largest meiotic chromosomal chain observed in vertebrates
MC Gross, E Feldberg, DM Cella, MC Schneider, CH Schneider, JIR Porto, ...
Heredity 102 (5), 435-441, 2009
Comparative cytogenetics of cichlid fishes through genomic in-situ hybridization (GISH) with emphasis on Oreochromis niloticus
G Targino Valente, C Henrique Schneider, M Claudia Gross, E Feldberg, ...
Chromosome Research 17 (6), 791-799, 2009
Evolutionary dynamics of repetitive DNA in Semaprochilodus (Characiformes, Prochilodontidae): a fish model for sex chromosome differentiation
ML Terêncio, CH Schneider, MC Gross, MR Vicari, IP Farias, KB Passos, ...
Sexual Development 7 (6), 325-333, 2013
Stable karyotypes: a general rule for the fish of the family Prochilodontidae?
ML Terencio, CH Schneider, MC Gross, MR Vicari, E Feldberg
Hydrobiologia 686, 147-156, 2012
Is the karyotype of neotropical boid snakes really conserved? Cytotaxonomy, chromosomal rearrangements and karyotype organization in the Boidae family
PF Viana, LB Ribeiro, GM Souza, HM Chalkidis, MC Gross, E Feldberg
PLoS One 11 (8), e0160274, 2016
Repetitive sequences associated with differentiation of W chromosome in Semaprochilodus taeniurus
ML Terencio, CH Schneider, MC Gross, V Nogaroto, MC de Almeida, ...
Genetica 140, 505-512, 2012
Cytotaxonomy and karyoevolution of the genus Crenicichla (Perciformes, Cichlidae)
DC Benzaquem, E Feldberg, JIR Porto, MC Gross, JAS Zuanon
Genetics and Molecular Biology 31, 250-255, 2008
Cytogenetic analysis of the Amazon stingless bee Melipona seminigra merrillae reveals different chromosome number for the genus
IB Francini, MC Gross, CG Nunes-Silva, GA Carvalho-Zilse
Scientia Agricola 68, 592-593, 2011
Effects of environmental pollution on the rDNAomics of Amazonian fish
FA da Silva, E Feldberg, NDM Carvalho, SMH Rangel, CH Schneider, ...
Environmental pollution 252, 180-187, 2019
XX/XO, a rare sex chromosome system in Potamotrygon freshwater stingray from the Amazon Basin, Brazil
FC de Souza Valentim, JIR Porto, LAC Bertollo, MC Gross, E Feldberg
Genetica 141, 381-387, 2013
Population structure, fluctuating asymmetry and genetic variability in an endemic and highly isolated Astyanax fish population (Characidae)
MC Gross, CH Schneider, MCA Matiello, ML Leite, LAC Bertollo, ...
Genetics and Molecular Biology 27, 529-535, 2004
Repetitive sequences: the hidden diversity of heterochromatin in prochilodontid fish
ML Terencio, CH Schneider, MC Gross, EJ do Carmo, V Nogaroto, ...
Comparative Cytogenetics 9 (4), 465, 2015
Cytogenetics of Synbranchiformes: a comparative analysis of two Synbranchus Bloch, 1795 species from the Amazon
NDM Carvalho, MC Gross, CH Schneider, ML Terêncio, J Zuanon, ...
Genetica 140, 149-158, 2012
Karyotypic diversity in seven Amazonian anurans in the genus Hypsiboas (family Hylidae)
TL de Mattos, AC Coelho, CH Schneider, DOC Telles, M Menin, ...
BMC genetics 15, 1-13, 2014
An optimized protocol for obtaining mitotic chromosomes from cultured reptilian lymphocytes
PF Viana, LB Ribeiro, T Lima, VT de Carvalho, RC Vogt, MC Gross, ...
The Nucleus 59, 191-195, 2016
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