Francesco Sella
Francesco Sella
Centre for Mathematical Cognition - Loughborough University
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High impact= high statistical standards? Not necessarily so
PE Tressoldi, D Giofré, F Sella, G Cumming
PloS one 8 (2), e56180, 2013
Training numerical skills with the adaptive videogame “The Number Race”: A randomized controlled trial on preschoolers
F Sella, P Tressoldi, D Lucangeli, M Zorzi
Trends in Neuroscience and Education 5 (1), 20-29, 2016
Basic and Advanced Numerical Performances Relate to Mathematical Expertise but Are Fully Mediated by Visuospatial Skills.
F Sella, E Sader, S Lolliot, R Cohen Kadosh
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 42 (9 …, 2016
Transcranial random noise stimulation and cognitive training to improve learning and cognition of the atypically developing brain: A pilot study
CY Looi, J Lim, F Sella, S Lolliot, M Duta, AA Avramenko, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 4633, 2017
Enumeration skills in Down syndrome
F Sella, S Lanfranchi, M Zorzi
Research in developmental disabilities 34 (11), 3798-3806, 2013
Modulating fluid intelligence performance through combined cognitive training and brain stimulation
AK Brem, JNF Almquist, K Mansfield, F Plessow, F Sella, E Santarnecchi, ...
Neuropsychologia 118, 107-114, 2018
RCMAS-2: revised children's manifest anxiety scale 2. edition: manuale
CR Reynolds, BO Richmond, F Sella, S Scozzari, M Di_Pietro
OS Giunti, 2012
Preschool children use space, rather than counting, to infer the numerical magnitude of digits: Evidence for a spatial mapping principle
F Sella, I Berteletti, D Lucangeli, M Zorzi
Cognition 158, 56-67, 2017
The impact of a lack of mathematical education on brain development and future attainment
G Zacharopoulos, F Sella, R Cohen Kadosh
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (24), e2013155118, 2021
Neuropsychology is nothing without control: A potential fallacy hidden in clinical studies
M Bonato, F Sella, I Berteletti, C Umiltà
Cortex 48 (3), 353-355, 2012
Spontaneous non‐verbal counting in toddlers
F Sella, I Berteletti, D Lucangeli, M Zorzi
Developmental science 19 (2), 329-337, 2016
Strategy selection in ADHD characteristics children: A study in arithmetic
F Sella, AM Re, D Lucangeli, C Cornoldi, P Lemaire
Journal of attention disorders 23 (1), 87-98, 2019
Varieties of quantity estimation in children.
F Sella, I Berteletti, D Lucangeli, M Zorzi
Developmental psychology 51 (6), 758, 2015
The neurocognitive architecture of individual differences in math anxiety in typical children
CE Hartwright, CY Looi, F Sella, A Inuggi, FH Santos, C González-Salinas, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 8500, 2018
The knowledge of the preceding number reveals a mature understanding of the number sequence
F Sella, D Lucangeli
Cognition 194, 104104, 2020
Using functional neuroimaging to test theories of cognition: a selective survey of studies from 2007 to 2011 as a contribution to the Decade of the Mind Initiative
PE Tressoldi, F Sella, M Coltheart, C Umilta
Cortex 48 (9), 1247-1250, 2012
Judging the order of numbers relies on familiarity rather than activating the mental number line
F Sella, D Sasanguie, B Reynvoet
Acta psychologica 204, 103014, 2020
Making sense of number words and Arabic digits: Does order count more?
F Sella, D Lucangeli, R Cohen Kadosh, M Zorzi
Child development 91 (5), 1456-1470, 2020
Number Line Estimation in Children with Developmental Dyscalculia
F Sella, I Berteletti, M Brazzolotto, D Lucangeli, M Zorzi
Learning Disabilities: A Contemporary Journal 2 (11), 41-49, 2013
Components affecting expressive writing in typical and disabled writers
C Cornoldi, F Del Prete, A Gallani, F Sella, AM Re
Literacy and Learning, 269-286, 2010
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