hilor pathak
hilor pathak
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Advances in molecular and “-omics” technologies to gauge microbial communities and bioremediation at xenobiotic/anthropogen contaminated sites
C Desai, H Pathak, D Madamwar
Bioresource Technology 101 (6), 1558-1569, 2010
Naphthalene degradation by Pseudomonas sp. HOB1: in vitro studies and assessment of naphthalene degradation efficiency in simulated microcosms
H Pathak, D Kantharia, A Malpani, D Madamwar
Journal of hazardous materials 166 (2-3), 1466-1473, 2009
Biosynthesis of Indigo Dye by Newly Isolated Naphthalene-Degrading Strain Pseudomonas s p. HOB1 and its Application in Dyeing Cotton Fabric
H Pathak, D Madamwar
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 160 (6), 1616-1626, 2010
Kinetic modelling and microbial community assessment of anaerobic biphasic fixed film bioreactor treating distillery spent wash
BK Acharya, H Pathak, S Mohana, Y Shouche, V Singh, D Madamwar
Water research 45 (14), 4248-4259, 2011
Evaluation of in vitro efficacy for decolorization and degradation of commercial azo dye RB-B by Morganella sp. HK-1 isolated from dye contaminated industrial landfill
H Pathak, D Soni, K Chauhan
Chemosphere 105, 126-132, 2014
In vitro studies on degradation of synthetic dye mixture by Comamonas sp. VS-MH2 and evaluation of its efficacy using simulated microcosm
H Pathak, S Patel, M Rathod, K Chauhan
Bioresource technology 102 (22), 10391-10400, 2011
Characterization and rheological behaviour analysis of the succinoglycan produced by Rhizobium radiobacter strain CAS from curd sample
P Andhare, C Delattre, G Pierre, P Michaud, H Pathak
Food Hydrocolloids 64, 1-8, 2017
Formulation of a novel nanoemulsion system for enhanced solubility of a sparingly water soluble antibiotic, clarithromycin
S Vatsraj, K Chauhan, H Pathak
Journal of Nanoscience 2014, 2014
Microbial exopolysaccharides: advances in applications and future prospects
P Andhare, K Chauhan, M Dave, H Pathak
Biotechnology 3 (July 2015), 25, 2014
Biotransformation of indigo pigment by indigenously isolated Pseudomonas sp. HAV-1 and assessment of its antioxidant property
A Dua, K Chauhan, H Pathak
Biotechnology research international 2014, 2014
Optimization of prodigiosin-type biochrome production and effect of mordants on textile dyeing to improve dye fastness
K Chauhan, P Dalsaniya, H Pathak
Fibers and Polymers 16 (4), 802-808, 2015
Edifying the strategy for the finest extraction of succinoglycan from Rhizobium radiobacter strain CAS
P Andhare, D Goswami, C Delattre, G Pierre, P Michaud, H Pathak
Applied Biological Chemistry 60 (3), 339-348, 2017
Biotechnological potential of exopolysaccharide as a bioemulsifier produced by Rhizobium radiobacter CAS isolated from curd
D Kavitake, FZ Marchawala, C Delattre, PH Shetty, H Pathak, P Andhare
Bioactive Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre 20, 100202, 2019
Prospects of Fabric Dyeing Using Biochromes
H Pathak, K Chauhan
Journal of Textile Science & Engineering 3 (4), 1, 2013
Smart’Textile Materials: A Paradigm Shift
P Hilor
Journal of Textile Science & Engineering, 2012
Some critical processes in the fabrication of (Hg1-xCdx) Te photoconductive linear arrays
V Mittal, K Monga, HT Pathak, R Singh, V Gopal
SPIE proceedings series, 803-805, 1998
Asymmetric Overlap and Blocking Contact Structures for 0.1 eV (HgCd) Te Photoconductive Linear Arrays
R Singh, BL Sharma, V Mittal, HT Pathak, S Srivastava, R Pal, JP Singh, ...
Semiconductor Devices 2733, 208, 1996
1. Economic Impact of Drip Irrigation Technology on Cotton Growers of Saurashtra Region 2. Environmental Concern and Drip Irrigation Technology: A Study Based on Experimental …
P Aquaculturists, KK Datta, B Prakash, S Srivastava, AM Rajput, ...
Pascal and Francis Bibliographic Databases
KK Trivedi, PK BASU
Journal of Textile Science & Engineering
H Pathak, K Chauhan
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