Diogo Hildebrand
Diogo Hildebrand
Baruch College, CUNY
Потвърден имейл адрес: baruch.cuny.edu
Corporate social responsibility: a corporate marketing perspective
D Hildebrand, S Sen, CB Bhattacharya
European journal of marketing, 2011
Consumer responses to corporate social responsibility (CSR) contribution type
D Hildebrand, Y DeMotta, S Sen, A Valenzuela
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Marketing e o mercado infantil
AR Veloso, DFN Hildebrand, MC Campomar
Consumer-company identification: development and validation of a scale
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A criança no varejo de baixa renda
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Culturally contingent cravings: how holistic thinking influences consumer responses to food appeals
D Hildebrand, RD Harding, R Hadi
Journal of Consumer Psychology 29 (1), 39-59, 2019
In-group and out-group influences on the consumption behavior of minority groups: The case of gay men
D Hildebrand, Y DeMotta, S Sen, K Kongsompong
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Online shopping cart abandonment: a consumer mindset perspective
D Rubin, C Martins, V Ilyuk, D Hildebrand
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Using eye-tracking to understand the impact of multitasking on memory for banner ads: the role of attention to the ad
IA Guitart, G Hervet, D Hildebrand
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Visual representation of the buying act by children of high-income families.
A Rodriguez Veloso, D Fajardo Nunes Hildebrand
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Flavor Fatigue: Cognitive Depletion Influences Consumer Enjoyment of Complex Flavors
D Hildebrand, D Rubin, R Hadi, T Kramer
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Is Salesperson Attractiveness a Boon or a Bane? The Moderating Role of Perceived Labor Cost‐To‐Price Ratio in Retail Bargaining
A Wongkitrungrueng, D Hildebrand, S Sen, K Nuttavuthisit
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Dressed to impress: the effect of victim attire on helping behavior
SW Carvalho, D Hildebrand, S Sen
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Coleta de desenhos com crianças como ferramenta de pesquisa de marketing
AR Veloso, DFN Hildebrand, CA Albuquerque
Anais, 2013
Online advertising disclaimers in unregulated markets: use of disclaimers by multinational and local companies in the Brazilian toy industry
AR Veloso, D Hildebrand, KBGB Sresnewsky
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Factors that influence the use of birth control by Brazilian adolescents
DFN Hildebrand, AR Veloso
Brazilian Business Review 9 (Special Ed), 120-153, 2012
A identificação consumidor-empresa pelo prisma institucional: o valor como capital para a empresa
DFN Hildebrand, LA Slongo
Anais do Encontro Nacional da Associação Nacional de Pós-Graduação e …, 2006
Globalization according to German and Brazilian students: A comparative study
DFN Hildebrand, GM Umeda
Brazilian Business Review 2 (2), 138-154, 2005
How Communications That Portray Unhealthy Food Consumption Reduce Food Intake Among Dieters
MM Birau, D Hildebrand, COC Werle
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 41 (2), 162-176, 2022
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