Veska Georgieva
Veska Georgieva
Doctor, NIMH
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Validation of LAI and assessment of winter wheat status using spectral data and vegetation indices from SPOT VEGETATION and simulated PROBA-V images
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V Kazandjiev, M Degórski, K Błażejczyk, V Georgieva
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Investigation on soil moisture reserves and meteorological conditions in relation to basic soil types in Bulgaria
V Georgieva, V Kazandjiev, M Degórski, K Blazejezyk, M Kucheik, ...
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Climate Change and the Hydrothermal and Evapotranspiration Conditions in the Planning Regions of Bulgaria
M Moteva, V Kazandjiev, V Georgieva
Fourteenth International Water Technology Conference, IWTC 14, 2010, 2010
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