Masood Ghayoomi / مسعود قیومی
Masood Ghayoomi / مسعود قیومی
Други именаمسعود قیومی, قیومی مسعود, M Ghayoomi
Associate Professor. Faculty of Linguistics, Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies (IHCS)
Потвърден имейл адрес: ihcs.ac.ir - Начална страница
Lessons from building a Persian written corpus: Peykare
M Bijankhan, J Sheykhzadegan, M Bahrani, M Ghayoomi
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A Study of Corpus Development for Persian.
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M Ghayoomi
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M Ghayoomi
Master dissertation. Iran: Islamic Azad University, Tehran Central Branch, 2004
Application of computational linguistics to predicting language proficiency level of Persian learners’ textbooks
M Ghayoomi
Journal of Language Horizons 6 (1), 29, 2022
„Kleine Wörter “–systemlinguistische, sprachdidaktische und empirische Untersuchung einer Wortgruppe mit Sonderstellung innerhalb der diagnostischen Rechtschreibanalyse
K Hein, J Fay, M Ghayoomi
Theorie, Empirie und Praxis effektiver Rechtschreibdiagnostik, 43-62, 2014
Enriching contextualized semantic representation with textual information transmission for COVID-19 fake news detection: a study on English and Persian
M Ghayoomi
Digital Scholarship in the Humanities 38 (1), 99-110, 2023
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