Orily Depraetere
Orily Depraetere
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Effect of ammonia on the photosynthetic activity of Arthrospira and Chlorella: A study on chlorophyll fluorescence and electron transport
G Markou, O Depraetere, K Muylaert
Algal Research 16, 449-457, 2016
Influence of organic matter on flocculation of Chlorella vulgaris by calcium phosphate precipitation
A Beuckels, O Depraetere, D Vandamme, I Foubert, E Smolders, ...
Biomass and bioenergy 54, 107-114, 2013
Influence of magnesium concentration, biomass concentration and pH on flocculation of Chlorella vulgaris
JS García-Pérez, A Beuckels, D Vandamme, O Depraetere, I Foubert, ...
Algal Research 3, 24-29, 2014
Influence of culture medium recycling on the performance of Arthrospira platensis cultures
O Depraetere, G Pierre, W Noppe, D Vandamme, I Foubert, P Michaud, ...
Algal research 10, 48-54, 2015
Harvesting carbohydrate-rich Arthrospira platensis by spontaneous settling
O Depraetere, G Pierre, F Deschoenmaeker, H Badri, I Foubert, N Leys, ...
Bioresource technology 180, 16-21, 2015
Inhibition of alkaline flocculation by algal organic matter for Chlorella vulgaris
D Vandamme, A Beuckels, E Vadelius, O Depraetere, W Noppe, A Dutta, ...
Water research 88, 301-307, 2016
Decolorisation of piggery wastewater to stimulate the production of Arthrospira platensis
O Depraetere, I Foubert, K Muylaert
Bioresource technology 148, 366-372, 2013
Trade-off between growth and carbohydrate accumulation in nutrient-limited Arthrospira sp. PCC 8005 studied by integrating transcriptomic and proteomic approaches
O Depraetere, F Deschoenmaeker, H Badri, P Monsieurs, I Foubert, ...
PLoS One 10 (7), e0132461, 2015
Cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris and Arthrospira platensis with recovered phosphorus from wastewater by means of zeolite sorption
G Markou, O Depraetere, D Vandamme, K Muylaert
International journal of molecular sciences 16 (2), 4250-4264, 2015
Wastewater as a source of nutrients for microalgae biomass production
K Muylaert, A Beuckels, O Depraetere, I Foubert, G Markou, D Vandamme
Biomass and biofuels from microalgae, 75-94, 2015
Variation in Campylobacter distribution on different sites of broiler carcasses
J Baré, M Uyttendaele, I Habib, O Depraetere, K Houf, L De Zutter
Food Control 32 (1), 279-282, 2013
Impact of different nitrogen sources on the growth of Arthrospira sp. PCC 8005 under batch and continuous cultivation–A biochemical, transcriptomic and proteomic profile
F Deschoenmaeker, G Bayon-Vicente, N Sachdeva, O Depraetere, ...
Bioresource technology 237, 78-88, 2017
Two-stage cultivation of Nannochloropsis oculata for lipid production using reversible alkaline flocculation
GS Aléman-Nava, K Muylaert, SPC Bermudez, O Depraetere, B Rittmann, ...
Bioresource technology 226, 18-23, 2017
Biomass and biofuels from microalgae
K Muylaert, A Beuckels, O Depraetere, I Foubert, G Markou, D Vandamme
Springer 2, 75-94, 2015
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D Vandamme, A Beuckels, E Vadelius, O Depraetere, W Noppe, A Dutta, ...
D., Beuckels, A., Vadelius, E., Depraetere, O., Noppe, W., Dutta, A …, 2015
Wastewater as a nutrient source for Arthrospira production
O Depraetere
The production of Arthrospira platensis on decolored piggery wastewater effluent
O Depraetere, I Foubert, K Muylaert
Young Water Professionals, Date: 2013/10/02-2013/10/04, Location: Luxemburg, 2013
The production of Arthrospira platensis<//em> on decolored piggery wastewater
O Depraetere, I Foubert, K Muylaert
International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts, Date …, 2013
Production of Spirulina on agricultural waste streams
O Depraetere, I Foubert, K Muylaert
Young Algaeneers Symposium, Date: 2012/06/14-2012/06/16, Location: Wageningen, 2012
Valorisatie afvalstromen uit landbouw via micro-algen
D Vandamme, O Depraetere, K Muylaert
VCM-conferentie: een nieuwe markt voor mest, Date: 2011/03/16-2011/03/16 …, 2011
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