P D Cowley
P D Cowley
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Aquatic animal telemetry: a panoramic window into the underwater world
NE Hussey, ST Kessel, K Aarestrup, SJ Cooke, PD Cowley, AT Fisk, ...
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KJ Sink, S Holness, L Harris, PA Majiedt, L Atkinson, T Robinson, ...
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JD Filmalter, M Capello, JL Deneubourg, PD Cowley, L Dagorn
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Envisioning the future of aquatic animal tracking: technology, science, and application
RJ Lennox, K Aarestrup, SJ Cooke, PD Cowley, ZD Deng, AT Fisk, ...
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AK Whitfield, JB Adams, GC Bate, K Bezuidenhout, TG Bornman, ...
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AR Childs, PD Cowley, TF Næsje, AJ Booth, WM Potts, EB Thorstad, ...
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Animal-borne telemetry: an integral component of the ocean observing toolkit
R Harcourt, AMM Sequeira, X Zhang, F Roquet, K Komatsu, M Heupel, ...
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R Daly, MJ Smale, PD Cowley, PW Froneman
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The role of the Tsitsikamma National Park in the management of four shore-angling fish along the south-eastern Cape coast of South Africa
PD Cowley, SL Brouwer, RL Tilney
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DA Ebert, PD Cowley
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PD Cowley, AK Whitfield
Ichthyological Bulletin of the JLB Smith Institute of Ichthyology 71, 1-19, 2001
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