Louis E. DeFrate
Louis E. DeFrate
Professor of Orthopaedics, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, and Biomedical Engineering
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The 6 degrees of freedom kinematics of the knee after anterior cruciate ligament deficiency: an in vivo imaging analysis
LE DeFrate, R Papannagari, TJ Gill, JM Moses, NP Pathare, G Li
The American journal of sports medicine 34 (8), 1240-1246, 2006
In vivo kinematics of the ACL during weight‐bearing knee flexion
G Li, LE DeFrate, HE Rubash, TJ Gill
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Anterior cruciate ligament deficiency alters the in vivo motion of the tibiofemoral cartilage contact points in both the anteroposterior and mediolateral directions
G Li, JM Moses, R Papannagari, NP Pathare, LE DeFrate, TJ Gill
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In vivo tibiofemoral contact analysis using 3D MRI-based knee models
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Feasibility of using orthogonal fluoroscopic images to measure in vivo joint kinematics
G Li, TH Wuerz, LE DeFrate
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In Vivo articular cartilage contact kinematics of the knee: an investigation using dual-orthogonal fluoroscopy and magnetic resonance image–based computer models
G Li, LE DeFrate, SE Park, TJ Gill, HE Rubash
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In vivo elongation of the anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament during knee flexion
G Li, LE DeFrate, H Sun, TJ Gill
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In vivo kinematics of the knee after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a clinical and functional evaluation
R Papannagari, TJ Gill, LE DeFrate, JM Moses, AJ Petruska, G Li
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Acute joint pathology and synovial inflammation is associated with increased intra-articular fracture severity in the mouse knee
JS Lewis, WC Hembree, BD Furman, L Tippets, D Cattel, JL Huebner, ...
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The cartilage thickness distribution in the tibiofemoral joint and its correlation with cartilage-to-cartilage contact
G Li, SE Park, LE DeFrate, ME Schutzer, L Ji, TJ Gill, HE Rubash
Clinical biomechanics 20 (7), 736-744, 2005
In vivo kinematics of the tibiotalar joint after lateral ankle instability
AM Caputo, JY Lee, CE Spritzer, ME Easley, JK DeOrio, JA Nunley, ...
The American journal of sports medicine 37 (11), 2241-2248, 2009
The effect of tibiofemoral joint kinematics on patellofemoral contact pressures under simulated muscle loads
G Li, LE DeFrate, S Zayontz, SE Park, TJ Gill
Journal of orthopaedic research 22 (4), 801-806, 2004
Femoral tunnel placement during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: an in vivo imaging analysis comparing transtibial and 2-incision tibial tunnel–independent techniques
ES Abebe, CT Moorman III, TS Dziedzic, CE Spritzer, RL Cothran, ...
The American journal of sports medicine 37 (10), 1904-1911, 2009
Reconstruction technique affects femoral tunnel placement in ACL reconstruction
MK Kaseta, LE DeFrate, BL Charnock, RT Sullivan, WE Garrett
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Measurement of in vivo anterior cruciate ligament strain during dynamic jump landing
KA Taylor, ME Terry, GM Utturkar, CE Spritzer, RM Queen, LA Irribarra, ...
Journal of biomechanics 44 (3), 365-371, 2011
Increased tibiofemoral cartilage contact deformation in patients with anterior cruciate ligament deficiency
SK Van de Velde, JT Bingham, A Hosseini, M Kozanek, LE DeFrate, ...
Arthritis & Rheumatism: Official Journal of the American College of …, 2009
Biomechanical consequences of PCL deficiency in the knee under simulated muscle loads—an in vitro experimental study
G Li, TJ Gill, LE DeFrate, S Zayontz, V Glatt, B Zarins
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Function of posterior cruciate ligament bundles during in vivo knee flexion
R Papannagari, LE DeFrate, KW Nha, JM Moses, M Moussa, TJ Gill, ...
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Diurnal variations in articular cartilage thickness and strain in the human knee
JL Coleman, MR Widmyer, HA Leddy, GM Utturkar, CE Spritzer, ...
Journal of biomechanics 46 (3), 541-547, 2013
Kinematics of the knee at high flexion angles: an in vitro investigation
G Li, S Zayontz, LE DeFrate, E Most, JF Suggs, HE Rubash
Journal of Orthopaedic Research 22 (1), 90-95, 2004
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