Kristine L. Pilgrim
Kristine L. Pilgrim
USFS-National Genomics Center
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Wolverine gene flow across a narrow climatic niche
MK Schwartz, JP Copeland, NJ Anderson, JR Squires, RM Inman, ...
Ecology 90 (11), 3222-3232, 2009
Felid sex identification based on noninvasive genetic samples
KL Pilgrim, KS McKelvey, AE Riddle, MK Schwartz
Molecular Ecology Notes 5 (1), 60-61, 2005
Wolf survival and population trend using non‐invasive capture–recapture techniques in the Western Alps
F Marucco, DH Pletscher, L Boitani, MK Schwartz, KL Pilgrim, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 46 (5), 1003-1010, 2009
Candidate gene microsatellite variation is associated with parasitism in wild bighorn sheep
G Luikart, K Pilgrim, J Visty, VO Ezenwa, MK Schwartz
Biology Letters 4 (2), 228-231, 2008
Inheritance of nuclear DNA markers in gynogenetic haploid pink salmon
P Spruell, KL Pilgrim, BA Greene, C Habicht, KL Knudsen, KR Lindner, ...
Journal of Heredity 90 (2), 289-296, 1999
Identification of landscape features influencing gene flow: How useful are habitat selection models?
GH Roffler, MK Schwartz, KL Pilgrim, SL Talbot, GK Sage, LG Adams, ...
Evolutionary Applications 9 (6), 805-817, 2016
Lack of sex-biased dispersal promotes fine-scale genetic structure in alpine ungulates
GH Roffler, SL Talbot, G Luikart, GK Sage, KL Pilgrim, LG Adams, ...
Conservation Genetics 15 (4), 837-851, 2014
Wolverine gene ow across a narrow climatic niche
MKKS RM, KL Pilgrim, LP Waits, SA Cushman
Ecology 90, 32223232Shirk, 2009
Highly polymorphic microsatellite markers developed for the social halictine bee Lasioglossum (Chilalictus) hemichalceum
PF Kukuk, SH Forbes, R Zahorchack, A Riddle, K Pilgrim
Molecular Ecology Notes 2 (4), 529-530, 2002
La popolazione di lupo sulle Alpi Italiane 2014–2018
F Marucco, E Avanzinelli, B Bassano, R Bionda, F Bisi, S Calderola, ...
Relazione tecnica, Progetto LIFE 12, 2018
The phylogeography of westslope cutthroat trout
MK Young, KS McKelvey, T Jennings, K Carter, R Cronn, ER Keeley, ...
In: Trotter, P.; Bisson, P.; Schultz, L.; Roper, B., eds. Cutthroat Trout …, 2018
Evaluation of fisher (Pekania pennanti) restoration in Olympic National Park and the Olympic Recovery Area: 2014 annual progress report
PJ Happe, KJ Jenkins, TJ Kay, KL Pilgrim, MK Schwartz, JC Lewis, ...
Natural Resource Data Series, 2015
Exploiting the winter trophic relationship between weasels (Mustela spp.) and their microtine prey as a survey method for weasels in meadow ecosystems
WJ Zielinski, MA Linnell, MK Schwartz, K Pilgrim
Northwest Science 93 (3-4), 185-192, 2020
Status of fisher in the Northern Idaho Panhandle and adjacent mountain ranges
M Lucid, L Robinson, S Cushman, L Allen, M Schwartz, K Pilgrim
In: 43rd Annual Meeting of the Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society; 11-14 …, 2013
A Map and Database of Westslope Cutthroat Trout Hybridization Throughout Idaho and Montana Streams
M Young, D Isaak, K McKelvey, T Wilcox, K Pilgrim, K Carim, M Campbell, ...
Historical and Contemporary DNA Indicate Fisher Decline and Isolation Occurred
JM Tucker, MK Schwartz, RL Truex, KL Pilgrim, FW Allendorf
COS 29-4: Evaluating changes in population connectivity and abundance through time using historical DNA
JM Tucker, MK Schwartz, KL Pilgrim, FW Allendorf, RL Truex
The 95th ESA Annual Meeting, 2010
Evaluating changes in population connectivity and abundance through time using historical DNA
JM Tucker, MK Schwartz, KL Pilgrim, FW Allendorf, RL Truex
Tests for genetic bottlenecks and correlations between heterozygosity and parasite load in bighorn sheep from Rocky Mountain National Park
G Luikart, K Pilgrim, J Visty, M Schwartz
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