Hajer Benhlima
Hajer Benhlima
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Biocatalysts: application and engineering for industrial purposes
S Jemli, D Ayadi-Zouari, HB Hlima, S Bejar
Critical reviews in biotechnology 36 (2), 246-258, 2016
Cosmetic emulsion from virgin olive oil: Formulation and bio-physical evaluation
S Smaoui, HB Hlima, R Jarraya, NG Kamoun, R Ellouze, M Damak
African Journal of biotechnology 11 (40), 9664-9671, 2012
Development and stability studies of sunscreen cream formulations containing three photo-protective filters
S Smaoui, HB Hlima, IB Chobba, A Kadri
Arabian Journal of Chemistry 10, S1216-S1222, 2017
Pomegranate peel as phenolic compounds source: Advanced analytical strategies and practical use in meat products
S Smaoui, HB Hlima, AC Mtibaa, M Fourati, I Sellem, K Elhadef, K Ennouri, ...
Meat science 158, 107914, 2019
Improvement of Trichoderma reesei xylanase II thermal stability by serine to threonine surface mutations
DZ Ayadi, AH Sayari, HB Hlima, SB Mabrouk, M Mezghani, S Bejar
International journal of biological macromolecules 72, 163-170, 2015
Probing the crucial role of Leu31 and Thr33 of the Bacillus pumilus CBS alkaline protease in substrate recognition and enzymatic depilation of animal hide
NZ Jaouadi, B Jaouadi, HB Hlima, H Rekik, M Belhoul, M Hmidi, ...
PloS one 9 (9), e108367, 2014
The effect of sodium lactate and lactic acid combinations on the microbial, sensory, and chemical attributes of marinated chicken thigh
S Smaoui, HB Hlima, R Ghorbel
Poultry science 91 (6), 1473-1481, 2012
Effects of sodium lactate and lactic acid on chemical, microbiological and sensory characteristics of marinated chicken
S Smaoui, HB Hlima, RB Salah, R Ghorbel
African Journal of Biotechnology 10 (54), 11317-11326, 2011
Thermostability improvement of maltogenic amylase MAUS149 by error prone PCR
SB Mabrouk, DZ Ayadi, HB Hlima, S Bejar
Journal of biotechnology 168 (4), 601-606, 2013
Effects of parabens and isothiazolinone on the microbiological quality of baby shampoo: The challenge test
S Smaoui, HB Hlima
Biocontrol science 17 (3), 135-142, 2012
Modelling Tetraselmis sp. growth-kinetics and optimizing bioactive-compound production through environmental conditions
M Dammak, B Hadrich, M Barkallah, F Hentati, HB Hlima, C Pichon, ...
Bioresource technology 249, 510-518, 2018
Expression of A. niger US368 xylanase in E. coli: Purification, characterization and copper activation
F Elgharbi, HB Hlima, A Farhat-Khemakhem, D Ayadi-Zouari, S Bejar, ...
International journal of biological macromolecules 74, 263-270, 2015
Proteomic analysis of the Chlorophyta Dunaliella new strain AL-1 revealed global changes of metabolism during high carotenoid production
F Ben Amor, F Elleuch, H Ben Hlima, M Garnier, B Saint-Jean, ...
Marine drugs 15 (9), 293, 2017
Identification of critical residues for the activity and thermostability of Streptomyces sp. SK glucose isomerase
HB Hlima, S Bejar, J Riguet, R Haser, N Aghajari
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 97 (22), 9715-9726, 2013
Engineered glucose isomerase from Streptomyces sp. SK is resistant to Ca2+ inhibition and Co2+ independent
H Ben Hlima, N Aghajari, M Ben Ali, R Haser, S Bejar
Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology 39 (4), 537-546, 2012
Synchronised interrelationship between lipid/protein oxidation analysis and sensory attributes in refrigerated minced beef meat formulated with Punica granatum peel extract
M Fourati, S Smaoui, H Ben Hlima, K Ennouri, A Chakchouk Mtibaa, ...
International Journal of Food Science & Technology 55 (3), 1080-1087, 2020
Optimal cultivation towards enhanced biomass and floridean starch production by Porphyridium marinum
HB Hlima, M Dammak, N Karkouch, F Hentati, C Laroche, P Michaud, ...
International journal of biological macromolecules 129, 152-161, 2019
Immobilization of the glucose isomerase from Caldicoprobacter algeriensis on Sepabeads EC-HA and its efficient application in continuous High Fructose Syrup production using …
S Neifar, FV Cervantes, A Bouanane-Darenfed, H BenHlima, ...
Food chemistry 309, 125710, 2020
Geographical discrimination of virgin olive oils from the Tunisian coasts by combining fatty acids and phenolic acids profiles within a multivariate analysis
HB Hlima, RB Ayed, K Ennouri, S Smaoui
Journal of oleo science 66 (9), 963-971, 2017
A novel thermostable and efficient class II glucose isomerase from the thermophilic Caldicoprobacter algeriensis: biochemical characterization, molecular investigation, and …
S Neifar, HB Hlima, S Mhiri, M Mezghani, K Bouacem, AH Ibrahim, ...
International journal of biological macromolecules 129, 31-40, 2019
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