Denis Demchenko
Denis Demchenko
Assistant Professor of Physics, Virginia Commonwealth University
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AFLOW: An automatic framework for high-throughput materials discovery
S Curtarolo, W Setyawan, GLW Hart, M Jahnatek, RV Chepulskii, ...
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RD Robinson, B Sadtler, DO Demchenko, CK Erdonmez, LW Wang, ...
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J Schrier, DO Demchenko, AP Alivisatos
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DO Demchenko, IC Diallo, MA Reshchikov
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MA Reshchikov, DO Demchenko, A Usikov, H Helava, Y Makarov
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MA Reshchikov, DO Demchenko, JD McNamara, S Fernández-Garrido, ...
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Recent development of boron nitride towards electronic applications
N Izyumskaya, DO Demchenko, S Das, Ü Özgür, V Avrutin, H Morkoç
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AG Petukhov, AN Chantis, DO Demchenko
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DO Demchenko, RD Robinson, B Sadtler, CK Erdonmez, AP Alivisatos, ...
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Two charge states of the acceptor in GaN: Evidence from photoluminescence
MA Reshchikov, M Vorobiov, DO Demchenko, Ü Özgür, H Morkoç, ...
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Impurity complexes and conductivity of Ga-doped ZnO
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DO Demchenko, LW Wang
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Hydrogen-carbon complexes and the blue luminescence band in GaN
DO Demchenko, IC Diallo, MA Reshchikov
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Native point defects in GaN: A hybrid-functional study
IC Diallo, DO Demchenko
Physical Review Applied 6 (6), 064002, 2016
Ge 1− x Sn x alloy quantum dots with composition-tunable energy gaps and near-infrared photoluminescence
V Tallapally, TA Nakagawara, DO Demchenko, Ü Özgür, IU Arachchige
Nanoscale 10 (43), 20296-20305, 2018
Blue luminescence and Zn acceptor in GaN
DO Demchenko, MA Reshchikov
Physical Review B 88 (11), 115204, 2013
Optical properties of the organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite C H 3 N H 3 Pb I 3: Theory and experiment
DO Demchenko, N Izyumskaya, M Feneberg, V Avrutin, Ü Özgür, ...
Physical Review B 94 (7), 075206, 2016
Influence of interface structure on electronic properties and Schottky barriers in Fe∕ GaAs magnetic junctions
DO Demchenko, AY Liu
Physical Review B 73 (11), 115332, 2006
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