Sónia Maria Carvalho Ribeiro
Sónia Maria Carvalho Ribeiro
Departamento Cartografia, UFMG Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais UFMG, Brazil University of
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Multifunctional forest management in Northern Portugal: Moving from scenarios to governance for sustainable development
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Placing land cover pattern preferences on the map: Bridging methodological approaches of landscape preference surveys and spatial pattern analysis
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The Index of Function Suitability (IFS): A new tool for assessing the capacity of landscapes to provide amenity functions
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Mapping the socio-ecology of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP) extraction in the Brazilian Amazon: The case of açaí (Euterpe precatoria Mart) in Acre
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Farming-biodiversity segregation or integration? Revisiting land sparing versus land sharing debate
FF Goulart, S Carvalho-Ribeiro, B Soares-Filho
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Perceived ecosystem services (ES) and ecosystem disservices (EDS) from trees: insights from three case studies in Brazil and France
FZ Teixeira, L Bachi, J Blanco, I Zimmermann, I Welle, ...
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Cultural Ecosystem Services (CES) in landscapes with a tourist vocation: Mapping and modeling the physical landscape components that bring benefits to people in a mountain …
L Bachi, SC Ribeiro, J Hermes, A Saadi
Tourism Management 77, 104017, 2020
Forest planning across Europe: the spatial scale, tools, andinter-sectoral integration in land-use planning
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Assessing the ability of rural agrarian areas to provide cultural ecosystem services (CES): A multi scale social indicator framework (MSIF)
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The EU societal awareness of landscape indicator: A review of its meaning, utility and performance across different scales
PJ Jones, E Andersen, C Capitani, SC Ribeiro, GH Griffiths, ...
Land Use Policy 53, 112-122, 2016
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